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Best ayurvedic treatment paralysis India is explained as a medical condition where a part of our body or the complete body is unable to move or function normally. Hemiplegia defines paralysis in a part of the body and paraplegia describes complete paralysis of the body.

There are numerous reasons for this condition. The two most common reasons are uncontrolled high blood pressure or head injury (or tumors in some cases.

Blood pressure is the causative factor because of an erratic daily schedule with a more or less sedentary lifestyle, stress, irregular sleep patterns and obesity. Any injury to the brain injury or the spinal cord can cause paralysis leading to sudden weakening of one side of the body. Usually, when the right side of the brain gets injured, the left side of the body gets paralyzed, and vice versa. Seeking prompt attention is a must to avoid worsening of the situation.

Ayurveda holds a promising effect on curing paralysis. In Ayurveda paralysis is classified as Vata vyadhi disorder. The paralysis medicine in Ayurveda aims to bring the blood pressure under control. The earliest intervention of Ayurvedic medication enhances the chances of speedy recovery. Ayurveda gives the best therapy for half body paralysis treatment with specific treatment of paralysis on the left side of the body or the treatment of paralysis on the right side of the body. Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Paralysis and paralysis stroke treatment can be availed at Parijatak. We offer authentic Panchakarma therapies and along with oral medications. We follow the traditional Ayurvedic procedures which are equally beneficial as the Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis in Kerala.

The paralysis massage oil has negligible side effects and hence can be used to treat adults and children alike. Best Massage Oil for Paralysis Patient has been prepared after studying the researchers and conducting researches on Ayurvedic home remedies for Paralysis. If you wish to seek best paralysis treatment in Nagpur, you can call us and get in touch with Parijatak.

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