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Panchkarma therapies aim is to purify and detoxify the body. It is done for both an unhealthy person and a healthy person. It cures the unhealthy person of the chronic diseases he is having, as well as it provides a healthy person a preventive rejuvenating treatment to keep physically and mentally fit. Ayurveda is much more than a just healing system of medication. At parijatak, you can avail best panchakarma treatment in India.

Kerala Panchkarma is a science and art of the right way of living which helps to attain longevity. The best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for rejuvenating your body is the treatment with Panchakarma therapies which clean the body toxins. Panchakarma Therapies balances all the three doshas, viz., Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, of our body constitution.


What is Kerala Panchakarma ?

The Panchkarma Kerala ayurvedic center provides effective Kerala massage for detoxification and holds great regard as one of the Best Panchkarma treatments in India. Kerala massage is a great way to release the stress from your body. In Panchkarma therapy, our experts suggest some modification in diet and lifestyle after the main purification course.

Panchakarma treatment cost at Parijatak is much affordable and has been appreciated by many patients. Some Ayurvedic medicines are also recommended to be taken for different ailments for a certain duration. With much care, we at Parijatak aim to provide the best Panchkarma treatment in India.

South Panchakarma (Kerala)

  • Elakizhi

ElakizhiElakizhi  refers to the sudation performed by specially prepared bundle of medicinal leaves. Relieves body pain, Arthritis problems, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, problems in lower back area is cured, stiff joints, spondylitis, parlay

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  • Naranga Kizhi:

It is performed with the bolus of  jambeera fruit pieces containing lemon which is heated with medicated oil is applied over patients body.

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  • Pizhichil :

This treatment is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment popularly known as aristocrats. A gentle, synchronized massage of up and down is carried out on all parts of the body other than the head. This therapy help to rejuvenate the body, also helps soothe your mind and relives stress. Relieving body pains alleviating arthritic symptoms, overcoming paralysis, reducing neurological disorders, keeping skin young, preventing aging.

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  • Manal Kizhi :

Manal kizhi is the therapy where, specified sand is heated and tied into a bolus using a cloth (muslin) and is used to apply heat to the body. This procedure is done without oil.In muscle pain, inflammation, calcaneal spur, obesity, swelling, diabetes and low back pain.

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  • Mutta kizhi :

Mutta kizhi is one of the form of kizhi here, the boiled egg and herbal powders are tied in the bolus and applied all over whole body with warm medicinal oils. It is nourishing and provides  strength to bones and muscles. mutta kizhi is very effective in facial paralysis and hemiplegia, also for osteoarthritis.

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  • Manjal Kizhi :

Manjal kizhi is the kizhi in which  the turmeric paste mixed with other  medicated herbs and oils are tied in a linen bag and placed over the body that needs to be treated. This treatment is very effective in arthritic conditions where swelling and inflammation  is present where the gentle massage is followed:

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  • Thalam :

A therapeutic procedure of suitable medicinal powder is mixed with suitable colocations of oil and the paste prepared is applied over the head with the help of suitable cap to provide nourishment to brain cells. Thalam is the best treatment to cure variety of condition like insomnia, stress, tension, and different mental conditions, also for facial palsies, sinusitis, anxiety, ADHD, fever with dellrium etc.

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  • Thalapodhichil :

A therapeutic  procedure in which the persons scalp is completely applied with high value medicinal herbs paste. This enables the medicine to penetrate into the brain cells to activate them. The healing properties of herbs also calm down the nervous system and rejuvenate the person. Corrects imbalance of pitta dosha, relaxes and calms down the mind, has a soothing effect on the body, improves quality of sleep, improves lustre and smoothness of hair, improves memory.

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  • Podikizhi:

Small linen bags filled with medicated powder made from roots of 12 herbs are heated and tied into a bolous  is used to apply heat either to whole body or a specified part. Specially useful in acute inflammation, rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders and some neuromuscular disorders.

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  • Dhanyamla Dhara :

This threptic therapy effectively works as an inflammation treatment & ensures the pain relief. This therapy includes pouring of a warm medicated oil from a hung vessel a small continuous and constant stream over the body or affected area. It given benefits like. It revitalizes the patients body, improves immunity, relieves body ache and muscle spasms, improves skin complexion. Also, it is a effective remedies on treatment of conditions like swollen joints, hemi plegia, neurological, arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatism etc.

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  •   Najvarakizhi :

It is  a therapeutic therapy which includes sweat massage given to the patients whole body or any specific part is made to prepare by the application of heated  medicinal rice (navara), which is in the form of boluses tied up in the cotton cloth. It is useful to treat osteoarthritis, muscular pains, myalgia, joint pain& stiffness, spondylolisthesis. Relieves pain, swelling and stiffness caused by the joint disorders like arthritis.

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  • Shiro Dhara :

A very effective treatment with medicated oil that is applied over the head. By the special arrangement of head gear, through that head  gear lukewarm oil is poured slowly till it covers the entire head region. Shiro vasti is beneficial for deafness, migraine, facial paralysis, stress, migraine. It is indicated in insomnia, hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, and headaches.

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  •   Shiro vasti :

A very effective treatment with medicated oi that is applied on the head for treating various ailments related with brain, neurological disorders, stress etc.

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  • Netra Tarpan :

Netra tarpana acts both as curative and preventive therapy. It is ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation treatment of eyes, it is a part of a Maharashtrian panchakarma treatment in ayurvedic care facilities. Netra tarpan nourishes dry , rough and injured eyes, it strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes, gives freshness to the eye, increases vision pairement, benefits in blurring vision, myopia, glaucoma, cataract, squinting of eyes etc.

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  • Netra Dhara :

It is a special cleansing treatment technique of pouring herbal decoctions in a continuous stream over the eyes. Benefits, it eliminates fatigue and pain from the eyes, relax strained eyes, cooling & refreshing. Helps improve the eye right, reduces the wrinkles, makes the eye sparkle.

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  • Kati vasti :

For chronic back pain this special treatment is done by retaining the medicated oil in the affected area at the back. Useful in backache, slip disc, prolapse or herniation of vertebras.

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  • Greeva Vasti :

A herbal tough/paste is localized in the neck area for the wellness of neck and back bone. Greeva basti is effective for treating cervical spondylosis, spasm of the back and occupational tension build ups.

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  • URO  Basti :

A herbal dough/paste is localized in the chest area in this therapeutic procedure of retaining medicated oil on the chest for a specific period of time.

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  •  Takradhara :

A therapeutic special ayurvedic treatment that uses medicated buttermilk. Takradhara ayurvedic treatment are very similar to that of shirodhara, Takradhara helps in stress reduction , skin & hair care, mental health, immunity.

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  •  Kashaya Dhara:

A therapeutic procedure involves continues flow of  decoctions on to the forehead and on the body. This treatment is helpful for skin hair problems. Decoctions is of honey and oil.

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