Netratarpan Treatment

Netratarpan Treatment

Netra Tarpan -This treatment aims to provide optimum rejuvenation to eyes. Dough of Urad is put around the eye ball in such a way that a dam like appearance is seen. Then herbal healing ghee is put in this groove to lubricate eye and surrounding areas. This provides improved vision with beautiful eyes and strengthening of eye tissues.

Treatment Beneficial for



Disease of eyes caused by aggravation of vatta and pitta.

Keratitis or inflammation.

Falling Eyelashes

Burning in the eyes.

Dryness in the eyes.

Vata diseases in the eyes.

Curved eyes.


Pain in the eyes.

Watering eyes.

Night blindness.




Netratarpan Treatment


Netra Tarpan is done by medicated ahrita, accordingly to diseases.

The dough of urad (black gram) put around the eyeball in dam like manner. The Medicated grita put in this groove and then allow the movements of eyelids in open and closing manner. Time of procedure differs in diseases present in that person.

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