Netra Roga Uttpati Karana

Netra is agni mahabhuta pradhan organ.Pitta is main dosha present in netra.Hence the ahar-vihar which causes the vitiation of Pitta dosha leads to eye disoders.Ashru (tear)is one of veg which never hold.Because suppression of tears also results in formation of Netra-roga.

Netra-Roga Nidana-Causes for eye diseases

उष्ण अभितप्तस्य जल प्रवेशाद् दूर ईक्षणात् स्वप्न विपर्ययं च /
प्रसक्त संरोदन कोप शोक क्लेशा अभिघतात् अति मैथुनात् च //
शुक्त अरनाल अम्ल कुलथ्य माष निषेवनाद वेग विनिग्रहात् च/
स्वेदाद् अथो धूम निषेवणात् च छर्देः विघातात् वमन अति योगात्
बाष्प निग्रहात् सूक्ष्म निरीक्षणात् च नेत्रे विकारान् जनयन्ति दोषा://(सु .ऊ १/२६-२७)

There are many causative reasons of eye disoders.Severity of disease is dependes upon the nmber of involvement of causative reason.Means if more causative factors are involved in disease formation then the disease become more complex and severe.

If we know the cause behind the disease formation then it results in early recovery of disease.Aso we can protect the eyes from damage and disease formation.

Causes Are-
Entering in water after long term exposure to sun or heat-Ushna abhitaptasya Jale Praveshat

Try to see the objects from very long distance which is beyond the visual capacity-Doora Ekshanaad

Variation in Sleep patteren (awakening at night and sleeping in day time)-Swapna viparyaya

Excessive and continuous crying-Prasakta Samrodana

Excess Anger-Kopa

Excess depression-Shoka


Injury to eye-Abhighataat

Excessve indulence sex-Atimaithunat

Excessive intake of sourfermented foods-Shukta-Arnaal-Amla ati sevanat

Over intake of hoarsegram-Kulatta ati sevanat

Over intake of black gramm-Masha ati sevanat

Suppression of natural urges-vega nigrahaat

Exessive sweating-Swedaat

Excessive smoking-Dhooma nishevanaad

Forcibly controlling vomiting reflux

Excessive administration of Vamana karma-Vamana-Ati yogat
Holding of tears-Bashpanigrahat

Persistantviewing of small object-Sookshma Nireekshanat


Samprapti of Netra roga-

सिरा अनुसारीभी: दोशै: विगुनै: ऊर्ध्वम् आगत:/
जायन्ते नेत्र भागेषु रोगा: परम दारुण :// सु .उ १/२०

The vitiated doshas goes to the upper part of body through blood(Siras).After reaching the eyethey form the different types of eye diseases.

Poorvarupa of Netraroga-

तत्र आविलं स संरम्भम् अश्रु कंडू उपदेहवत्/
गुरु ऊष तोद रागाध्यै: जुष्टं च अव्यक्त लक्षनैः //
स शूलं वर्त्म कोपेषु शुक पूर्णाभम् एवच //
विहान्यमानं रूपे वा क्रियासु अक्षी यथा पुरा /
दृष्टवा एव धीमान् बुध्यते दोषेण अधिष्ठीतं तू तत्//सु ऊ १/२१-२३

Dirty or claudy apperence of eyes-Avila Netrata

Redness and pain in eyes-Sarambha Netrata

Excess lacrimation-Ashru

Itching in eyes-Kandu

Sticky discharge –Upadeha

Heaviness in eyes-Guru

Burning pain in eyes-Oosha

Pricking pain in eyes-Toda

Redness due to Rakta vitiation-Raga

Pain in eye lids-Shula vartma kosheshu

Feeling as if the paddy husk has beenfilled in eyes causing irritation-Shooka poornaabham iva

Diminish vision-Roopa Hananam

Disturbance of eye functions-Kriyahanam

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