Netra Dhara

Netra Dhara

It is a special cleansing technique of the eye by pouring liquid herbal preparation in a continuous stream over the eyes for 10-20 minutes while resting the head in a comfortable position.

Process of Netra Dhara
This is a special therapy for the eye and is done by using medicated decoction or oils. In this process, the eyes are washed with a medicated mixture of oils. In this special cleansing technique, liquid herbal preparation is poured in a continuous stream over the eyes for around 30 minutes resting the head in a comfortable position. This treatment involves the washing of the eyes with the Triphala water which cleanses the eyes and also removes various eye related problems.


 This technique soothes and relaxes the eyes
Cooling and refreshing them
Delays cataract formation Helps in treating chronic
Improves eye sight
 Clarity In Vision
Acute And Chronic Conjunctivitis
Dry Eye Syndrome
 Glaucoma, Corneal Abrasion
 Foreign Objects In The Eyes
Blephiritis ( Inflammation In The Eyelids)
Hordeolum Externum( External Eyelid Stye)
Itching And Discharge In The Eyes
Corneal Ulcer
Hordeolum Internis

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