neck pain treatment in ayurveda

Neck Pain Treatment in Ayurveda

Is Neck Pain Hurting? The Science of Ayurveda has A Perfect Answer

Remember one fine day travelling to work fresh and exciting for a bright new day. Reaching office, you make yourself comfortable, sip a cup of tea or coffee and then get to work for that day. Suddenly, mid of your working hours or maybe after an hour or so, you start to feel a jerk in your neck and upper back. You try to work as many possible techniques you know to alleviate pain and try to smoothen the discomfort causing in the neck but all goes in vain. Eventually end of the day when you return home, all you prefer to have is a painkiller for quick relief.

Surprisingly, you all know the reason behind this kind of neck ache and discomfort. You are well aware that long working hours at the keyboard and poor sitting posture is the major cause and majority of the working professionals and entrepreneurs get to carry this pain every day back home from office. Moreover, work stress and other anxiety factors aggravate the pain. What you do in such a scenario? End up taking a painkiller each day whenever the pain hurts. Think wisely and answer is this the only resort? Is this the only way out to fight with the energy suppression that occurs due to neck ache? The simple answer is ‘No’; the science of Ayurveda provides a perfect answer.

There are many Ayurvedic remedies for neck pain that is an ideal amalgamation of Ayurvedic therapies and herbs to help you ward off all neck troubles and keep you in a healthy state of mind, body, and heart.

Here’s for you, a quick guide to Ayurvedic cure for neck pain

Ayurvedic Therapies


Ayurveda Therapy

Various Ayurvedic therapies work wonders for kicking off the neck pain that hurts you every now and then. The key purposes of these therapies are:

  • Loose all sort of impurities and toxins that blocks the channels of your neck and leads to accumulation of vata dosha in the neck region. Vitiated vata dosha is the major cause of neck pain.
  • Soften all blocked channels of neck and make way for easy circulation and elimination of toxins and impurities. This helps restore the lost equilibrium of the vata dosha.
  • Cleanse and purify the entire physiology while rejuvenating your complete well-being.

The therapies that work to perform these functions in the neck region are:

  • Greeva vasthi: This is a special kind of neck massage performed to alleviate pain and inhibit cervical spinal compression.
  • Navarakizhi: Also known as ‘Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda’, this is one of the most effective Ayurvedic techniques for pain. The process is performed by skillfully massaging the whole body using a special Ayurvedic preparation composed of cooked rice, herbal decoction, and warm milk. . This helps rejuvenate the blocked tissues and provides immediate relief from pain and inflammation in the neck region.
  • Nasyam: This is a process performed by administering medicated or herbal oil through the nose to release the accumulated doshas in the neck region.
  • Shirodhara: This is a relaxing therapy performed by pouring medicated oil on the forehead. The same follows with a gentle head massage.
  • Shirovasti: This is a process performed by creating an apparatus like structure using dough and then placing the same on the head. The therapist then pours medicated oil through this dough ring and let the oil stay there for some time.
  • Virechana: This Panchkarma therapy works to balance and harmonize the vitiated vata dosha. The process is performed by administering any laxative or purgative substances within the body to expel heat and congestion from the anal pathway.

Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs provide long-term benefits for neck pain with the key purpose to restore lost balance of vitiated doshas within the body. The best Ayurvedic herbs for neck pain include:

  • Shallaki: This is a kind of purified resin used to ease down any type of swelling or pain in the neck.
  • Guggulu: This is an anti-inflammatory agent used in various herbal combinations and medicines for quick neck pain relief.
  • Dashmul :This is anti- inflammatory and working to reduce amasanchiti so relieves pain and stiffness.
  • Ginger: This is one of the most common spices used for everyday cooking. The spice works to harmonize the vata dosha within the body and proves to be a powerful painkiller for neck pain.
  • Aloe Vera: This proves to be an effective plant used in the form of juice to ease neck pain and other back related pain disorders.
  • Turmeric: This has warm characteristic and works for balancing the doshas and cleansing the impurities from the blood. This in turn helps alleviate all sort of body pain.
  • Garlic: The herb is composed ofdiallyl disulfide that when mixed with olive oil or apple cider vinegar works wonders as an oral medicine to reduce all damaging enzymes present in the body.

With this combination of therapies and herbal medicines, you can opt for yoga postures like Cat Pose, Fish Pose, Rabbit Pose, Bridge Pose, and Melting Heart Posture for even faster results in relieving neck pain and discomfort. This synchronization when followed flawlessly through a streamlined Ayurvedic pathway not only cures neck pain but also help strengthening the bones, tissues, and cartridges while further preventing degeneration of the important body components.

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