Naranga Kizhi

It is performed with the bolus of Jambeera fruit pieces. This is mainly applied in vatakapha predominant conditions.

It is usually indicated in frozen shoulder, plantor fascitis and traumatic conditions.

It is sophahara, rooksha & Theekshna.

Widely practiced in Kerala.

The body is made to perspire well through massage with pudding in the form of boluses tied up in cloth bags.

Pre-Operative Procedure :

The patient should be seated with leg extended on the Droni

Thalam is applied with suitable oil / Choornam.

Procedure :

Abhyanga is performed with suitable medicated oil. Out of the two kizhi the one Kizhi is heated up to 40- 45’c by keeping on the hot pan containing suitable oil.

The kizhi are applied to the patient as per the general procedure for about 45 minute.

After the procedure  patient is advised to take complete rest for 2 hour.

Indication :

Vata-kapha predominant diseases especially

Plantar fascites

Frozen shoulder

Traumatic condition

In sopha & ama a rooksha type of oil is selected

Contraindication :

Vata paithika conditions


Reduces stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis, improves blood circulation, improves blood circulation, improves joint mobility, soothe the nerve, chronic rheumatism

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