Nadi Sveda

Nadi Sveda

Nadi sveda is a unique form of svedana procedure, where perspiration is induced by passing steam over the body parts by using a special instrument. This special instrument is known as nadi sveda yantra. Herbs added with water are boiled in this instrument to generate steam. Thus generated steam is allowed to escape through a tube fitted to the instrument. This steam is made to fall on the body part, which is to be subjected for sudation. In this way heat is applied and perspiration is induced to get the beneficial effect of svedana treatment. Also this is one among the easy methods of applying heat to a localized part of the body.


Nadi sveda is indicated in all the condition where svedana is indicated. In the following list some of the diseases are mentioned, where this procedure is specially indicated:

  • Nadi sveda when applied to the chest in clients suffering from respiratory congestion causes liquefaction of sputum, and there by rendering uninterrupted passage of air. Hence nadi sveda is proved efficacious in diseases related to the respiratory system like bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other chronic respiratory disorders.
  • Nadi sveda alleviates pain and swelling in clients suffering from arthritis.
  • In clients suffering from gulma roga characterized by abdominal pain and swelling, nadi sveda is very effective in relieving the pain.
  • In different forms of paralysis affecting a portion of the body nadi sveda is found to be beneficial.
  • Nadi sveda improves blood circulation in cases of vatarakta, more particularly in conditions like ischemic limb disease.


To being with oil is applied to the body part that is to be subjected to svedana treatment, followed by passing the steam to the same part is the procedure of the nadi sveda. The step by step procedure is detailed in the following paragraphs.


Morning time after avacuating the bowel and bladder, as well as brushing the teeth is ideal time for the nadi sveda. Following chanting of svastivachana hymn or prayer the therapist continues the administration of nadi sveda. After undressing the area of the body to be subjected to nadi sveda, the client is asked to lie down on the abhyanga table. Lukewarm medicated oil is applied to the area followed by massage. As a rule the direction of massage.


The decoction in the nadi sveda yantra is boiled to generate the steam. The flow of the steam through the nozzle is adjusted

Then the steam is made to fall on the body part to be subjected to svedana, from a convenient distance.


Client is allowed to take rest for few minutes and then he may be allowed to take bath. For cleaning the oil instead of the toilet soap, Bengal gram flour is used.

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