Myopia And Ayurveda

Myopia is also known as shortsightness.

In this condition patient could not focused properly on distant object.It is most common eye disease now a days. Generally student class is more prone for this disease.

The light rays coming into the eyes are supposed to converge at a particular point on retina. However in myopia they start converging much ahead of retina, as a result of which the person has blurred vision of distant objects but clear vision of near objects.


Hereditory factor

Improper diet and nutrition

Excessive use of the eyes,

reading in dim light,

excessive use of computers,mobiles and other electronic object,

lack of eye exercises



  • Headache and eye strain.
  • Blurred distant vision.
  • Feeling exhausted while playing sport or driving.
  • Squinting of eye.

Ayurvedic Perception-

  • According to ayurveda,Alochak pitta is resposible for vision. Vitiation of this pitta causes vision problems. Above mentioned reasons causes vitiation of vata dosha. This vitiated vata  weakens the structures in eyes. Due to lack of proper diet, alochak pitta and dhatus (tissues) in eyes get unnourishment and therfore fail to perform their functions properly. Improper food, hampered digestion etc may produce toxins which can block the channels and cause malnourishmment of optic tissues,leading to problem called as Myopia.


Ayurvedic treatment

Triphala ghruta

Triphala rasayana

Triphala churna

Saptamruta loha

Madhu yasti churna




Nethradhara,-By Triphala kashaya

Netratarpana, eye massage with medicated oils, ghee and herbal pastes give nourishment to eye muscles and remove strain.

Nasya-of ksheerbala tail




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    Hello Parijatak,
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  2. Alfie

    I am suffering from myopia.I have done treatment for myopia disease but nothing happened.I heard about ayurvedic treatment for myopia from my friend.So can you give me full details about ayurvedic treatment for myopia

  3. Smith

    Now a days, Myopia found in most of the people .I was also suffered from Myopia ,but with the help of Ayurveda treatment ,I get more relief than before.Thanks parijatak to providing such a useful blog.

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