किटवासो मज्जफलं ग्राही बल्यं ज्वरापहम │

शोणितस्त्रुतिह्रदहन्ति मुखदन्तगतान गदान││

श्र्वेतप्रदरमर्शासि योनिकनदं सुदारुनम │

अतिसारं महाघोरं ग्रहणी सप्रवाहीकाम ││ आ.वि.

Botanical Name :Quercusinfectoria. Oliv.


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Fagales

Family     –Fagaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak- Not included in Varga

Sushruta- Not included in Gana

Bhavprakash- Not included in Varga

Raja Nighantu-Pippalyadi Varga

Shodhala Nighantu-Lakshmanadi varga

Priya Nighantu-Shatpushpadi varga

Nighantu adarsha-boorja varga


Other Names :

Hindi name- Majuphal
English name- Gall oak, Cinnamon oak, bluejack oak, upland willow oak, sandjack oak
Bengali name- Majuphal
Gujarati name- Majuphal
Kannada name- Machikai
Marathi name- Mayaphal
Tamil name- Machi kai, Machkai
Telugu name- Machi Kay
Persian name –  maju/ mazu
Malayalam name – majkani

Sanskrit Name-Majjaphala,Mayuka,Chidraphala,Keetvasa,Mayiphala,Mayuka ,Malayu

General Information :

Habit – a polymorphous shrub or rarely a small tree grows upto 2 mtrs. Bark – brownish grey. Leaves – simple, alternate, obovate, lobed, 5 to 7.5 cm long, margin is serrate, dull greyish green and glabrous above, densely white tomentose beneath, lateral nerves are 12 to 20 pairs. Petiole is 1 to 1.5 cm long. Flowers – monoecious male flowers are in long slender pendulous catkings. Female flowers are solitary or clustered. Fruit- acorns with a cavity containing single seeds.

Types Of Plant’s :

Blue, Black, Green and White


Properties (Gunadharma)


Vipak- Katu

Virya- sheeta

Guna-Laghu, Ruksha


Specific Parts :


Doshaghnata :

Kapha-Pitta shamak

Shloka’s :

किटवासो मज्जफलं ग्राही बल्यं ज्वरापहम │

शोणितस्त्रुतिह्रदहन्ति मुखदन्तगतान गदान││

श्र्वेतप्रदरमर्शासि योनिकनदं सुदारुनम │

अतिसारं महाघोरं ग्रहणी सप्रवाहीकाम ││ आ.वि.

Benefits :

External Application-

  • mayaphala powder is applied as a tooth powder in tooth problems. The gargle of galls in dental, throat, moth cavity.
  • Application of dried powder of Mayaphala over the body helps in controlling of excessive sweating.
  • The powder of mayaphala is applied over the fresh wound to control the bleeding.It also helps in fast healing of wound.
  • Application of  Powder of Mayaphala with sesame oil on the scalphelps in blackning of hairs.
  • Decoction preapared with mayaphala used for vaginal wash to control the vaginitis and luecorrhoea.
  • Finely powdered Mayaphala with Vaseline is applied topically to treat Anal fissure,vaginal laxity,anus prolapse and piles.
  • Boiled Mayaphala is used as topical application to treat the swelling.


It is stambhakain the nirama state of atisara, grahani and pravahika.

It is kaphaghna hence used  in kasa.

Being mootrasangrahaneeya in prameha.Also useful in pooyameha.

Being raktastambhana and yonishaithilyahara it is used in pradara as yonivarti and as uttarabasti.

Mukhadantaroga (Disorders of mouth and teeth)

Mayaphala galls kwath (Quercusinfectoria) is beneficial in Mukhadantaroga(Various disorders of mouth and teeth).Kwath should be  used in the form of gargles.

Raktarsas (Haemorrhoids)

Mayaphalagalls paste is (Quercusinfectoria) applied over Raktarsas (Haemorrhoids)

Sitz bath of Mayaphala decoction is used to treat external piles, rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids.

  • Mayaphala decoction induced emesis hence it is used in treatment of Nux vomica, Opium and Marking nut poisoning.
  • Gall mayaphala decoction is used to treat blood mixed diarrhea and dysmenorrhea.Dose-10-20ml
  • powdered gall be taken twice a day with honey, milk or water in cough and respiratory disoders.
  • Paste of majuphala is applied over the face for 5min.Then wash with water .It helps in reduction of wrinkles and pimples.
  • Tea made with mayaphala is used in Diabetes.
  • Aphtous ulcers:

Take mayaphala and prepare a paste out of it . Apply, it directly on the infected area for a complete cure.

Caries :

Mayaphala powder (30-40gm) boiled with water. this lukewarm water  USED as a mouth wash for once a day in the morning. It help to remove Caries and bad odor from mouth.

Wounds :

Mayaphala decoction is used in the treatment of wounds.


Mayaphala powder in a dose of 2gms,thrice a day  is recommanded in the treatment of gonorrhoea.


In empty stomach,mayaphala decoction is taken in a dose of 50-100ml to treat the poisoning associated with nux vomica,Datura,Opium,Aconitum ,Antimony etc.

Rectum Prolapse-

Decoction of mayaphala is used as an enema or pad soaked in mayaphala decoction is kept in anai region to treat the prolapse.


Formulation (Kalp) :

Vajradantamanjana, Mayaphaladichoorna.

Dosage :

Choorna – 1 to 3 gm.

Research Corner :

The study was conducted to evaluate the antibacterial activity of Quercusinfectoria gall crude extracts against multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria in vitro. The screening test was determined by disc diffusion technique using sterile filter paper discs impregnated with 1 mg/disc. (50mg/ml) aquous and ethanol extracts of Q. infectria galls tested on five  selected MDR bacterial strains.

Side Effect-

Over dose of mayapha causes nausea and emesis.

It is avoided during pregnancy.

Avoid the Mayaphala in a person suffering from liver and kidney disorders.

Itr causes aggrevation of Vata dosha.

Long term use of Mayaphala causes constipation.

It slow down the action of digestive enzymes.

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