Panchabhautikatwa- Prithi+Jala Madhura
According to Charaka only Soma is involved in formation of Madhura Rasa.

It forms a coating inside the mouth after consumption.
Provide pleasure to sense organ ,heart and Mana.
Provide happiness to all over body and mind. very much liked by insects like ants, flies etc

Vishanti Guna-Guru, Snigdha, Picchila,Mrudu.

Doshakarma-It is Vata-Pittashamak by its Snigdha,and Guru gunas.and aggravates Kapha due to Snigdha and guru guna.

It helps to develop all the tissues of the body in all ages as it is satmya since birth.Thus it is ‘Saptadhatuvardhana.

Jeevana or Ayushya’-It provide the nourishment and strength to all healthy tissues and degenerating tissue thus prolongs the life.

Shadindriyaprasadana – It purifies Indriya (sense organ and mana)which are depraved, vitiated orcontaminated by Dosha .Due to purification of indriyas they perfom their work smoothly and pleasantly.

Bala – To perform any action or work Bala is required.Bala of person depends upon the equilibrium of Dosh-dhatu-Mala . Madhura Rasa nourishes and strengthens all Dhatus in body.

Varnya –Aggravaton of Vata-Pitta and Rakta mainly leads to discolouration or change in varna.Madhur Rasa is more useful as it purifies Tridosha-dhatu –mala.

Vishaghna – It purifies Rasa-Rakta to shows its Vishaghna Karma.
Trishnaghna-veerya of madhur rasa is sheet ,it pacifies ruksha and tikshna, unshna guna of Vata-Pitta.Provide nourishment to Soumyadhatu and relives Trushna. Gunas like Snigdha, Sheeta, Drava, Mridu, Picchila, Manda Guna of Madhura Rasa Dravya also help to pacify the thirst.

Dahaghna– Daha is main sign of pitta dosha.Daha means burning sensation Vittiated pitta along with vata produces daha in skin. As Madhura Rasa is Sheeta, Snigdha. Mrudu in guna,it pacifies Pitta and relieve symptoms like Daha.

Twachya –Sparshanendriya means skin is site of vata dosha, while Pitta-Kapha is necessary for the maintainance of normal consistency of the skin. Madhur rasa nourishes the skin tissue.By provide good nourishment to skin tissue,the health of skin can be maintained.

Keshya– Madhura Rasa nourishes all Dhatus in the body and It also nourishes hairs . It helps regeneration of hairs also.It maintains the normal texture of hair by reducing dryness due to Vatadosha. As we all know that madhur rasa is vatashamak a in natur.It keeps Asthidhatu in normal condition because Asthi is a main seat of Vatadosha. And kesh is mala of Asthi dhatu.Madhura Rasa regulates the all this activity and thus performs Keshya action.

Kanthya -Kantha means throat area.Madhura rasa controls the vata dosha.And production of speech is ne of function of vata dosha . Kantha is made up of Mansa-Meda-Rakta. Madhur rasa provide the strength to said Dhatu .Hence by controlling the vata dosha and by nourishing the mamsa-meda-rakta dhatu,it perform the Kanthya function.

Preenana – It refreshes the body especially Rasa-Rakta which are mainly Apya in nature. So in Apatarpana condition Preenana by Madhura Rasa is useful.
Tarpana-It gives the feeling of satisfaction by nourishing Dhatu. This is Tarpana.

Brunhana-Madhur rasa is Prithvi mahaboota pradhana hence by samanya-vriddhi nyaya it enhances Mansadhatu in the body. Due to this increase, the body not only gains strength but it also looks bigger or larger in size. This is termed as Brunhana.

Sthairyakara-It is Pruthvi mahabhoot pradhana.And prithvi is sthira in nature.Sthiraguna represents ‘Upachaya’ or well built of the body.Hence it provide good stability to the body.

Ksheena-kshata-sandhanakara- Kshataksheena ,a type of disease in which wounds in lung area is formed which leads to rapid detoration and weakness of person. Madhura Rasa nourishes such person. Piscchila guna of madhura rasa helps in healing of wound in the lung area.

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