Learn the Wonders of Nature for Facial Palsy

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Learn the Wonders of Nature for Facial Palsy, there are nerves that control our facial muscles and they sometimes get inflamed, compressed or swollen due to various reasons. This causes temporary paralysis or weakness in the facial muscles, hence affecting the moments of other parts like mouth and eyes.

The degree of facial palsy varies and so does its effects – in some cases, only a small part of the face gets paralyzed while in other an entire side of the face is affected. There are some rare cases in which both the sides of the face get paralyzed.

Causes of Facial Palsy

The most common reason for the paralysis of a face is Bell’s palsy. However, there are some other causes to that result in facial palsy, which includes:

  • Viral infections
  • Effects of surgical treatments
  • Bacterial infections like Lyme disease
  • Genetic Syndromes
  • Traumatic injury in the face, brain or skull
  • Abnormal development of facial muscle or nerve before birth (in the womb)
  • Stroke damaging brain nerves, which then fail to send the message to facial nerves, thus causing palsy
  • Certain neurological conditions
  • Trauma at the time of birth
  • Constant yawning
  • Vigorous tongue scrapping
  • Regular consumption of fermented drinks and alcohol
  • Perpetual suppression of natural urges like yawning and sneezing
  • Speaking loudly over a period of time

Symptoms of Facial Palsy

There are many signs that appear in facial and psychological functioning, indicating the prevalence of facial palsy. Some of the physical symptoms include:

  • Pain in the joints corresponding to face
  • Pain or feeling of numbness in various parts of the face like eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, forehead, etc
  • Tremors
  • Unexplained and sudden difficulty in speechhttp://parijatak.com/getting-to-know-the-concept-of-ayurveda-for-acne/
  • Discomfort in mouth, eyes, and nose
  • Occasional experience of pricking sensation
  • Shivering of head
  • Numbness in the skin in some parts of the face
  • Turbidity of eyes

Ayurvedic Treatment for Facial Palsy

Consumption of certain herbal ayurvedic medicines and incorporation of a few alterations in the diet as per Ayurveda can prove to be effective in treating facial palsy.

  • Garlic (Lashuna) – It improves the blood circulation in the facial nerves and relieves swelling.
  • Clove (Lavanga) – Regular intake of 2-3 drops of the clove oil in any form help to strengthen the muscles.
  • Castor Oil and Leaves (Eranda) – Warming up the leaves or oil before directly applying it to the weakened muscles helps to relieve the inflammation.
  • Vitex Negundo (Nirgundi) – It helps in improving the strength of muscles and relieves nerve pains.
  • Black Gram (Masha) – The mahamasha tailam has the nourishing properties and if the paralysis is caused by weakening of nerves then it can be helpful.

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