Kutajarishtam (Bhaishajya ratnavali)

Kutajarishtam (Bhaishajya ratnavali)

Ingredients :

  • Root-skin of Holarrhena anti dysenterica (Kutaja)-4.8kg
  • Flower of Madhuca indica (Madhuca)-480gm
  • Root of gmelina arborea (Gambhari)-480gm
  • Vitis vinifera(Draksha)-2.8kg
  • Guda-4.8kg
  • Woodfordia ruticosa(Dhataki)-960gm
  • Water-49.152 liter boiled and reduced to 21.288 liters

kashayam is prepared by using coarse powder of herbs and water.Boiled and reduced to 1/4th of quantity and then filtered.then dissolve guda in it .Again filtered it .Dhataki is added in it and kept closed in air tight container for fermentation for 1 month.After fermentation filtered it an used it.

Ref. Text book

Bhaishajyaratnavali, Adhyayam 7


  • Arrests all kinds of acute fevers, sprue syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Helps to envigorate digestive system, diarrhea.
  • It is used in the treatment of Crohnis disease ,haemorrhoies and dysentry.


  • 25 to 30 ml. 3-4 times daily.

Side Effects-

It should be taken in pregnancy and lactation period ,under doctor’s advice.


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