Botanical Name-
Strychnos nux vomica
Hindi Name-
English Name-
Snake wood,Poison nut,Nuxvomica

Parts Used-Seed,Bark

Chemical Composition-

Therapeutic Dose-60-250mg (seed powder)

Fatal Dose-15-30mg of Strychnine

Adverse Effects-
Causes chocking sensation in throat
Produces neck stiffness
Leads to intermittent convulsions
Causes suffocation and asphyxia
Death mainly occurs due to respiratory arrest.
Madhu,Sharkara with Ghrit for licking
Gogruta along with nagwalli swarasa

1.Agnitundi Vati-Used in Agnimandya
2.Krimimudgara Rasa-Used in Krimiroga
3.Laxmivilas Rasa-Used in all types of Jwara
4.Karashkar Ghrit-Used for Vatarakta
5.Ekaangavira Rasa-Used in vatavyadhi
6.Navajivana Rasa-Used for Dipan,pachana and rasayana chikitsa
7.Vatagajankusharasa-Used in vatavyadhi

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