Kshara Karma In Ayurveda

It is one of the treatment procedure which will be used for the cure of disease.Many diseases are not cured by medicine or performing sugery is too much difficult or it leads to lots of complication or where agnikarma can not be perform, that time Kshara karma gives the good results.

Sugerical procedure is always threatening or fearful procedure.Otherhand due to some other diseases like high sugar level or heart disease can not undergo through the surgery or patient who is unsuitable for anaesthesia in such cases we can treat the disease with Kshara karma.

Diseases like skin diseases, some allergic condition, Bhagandra (Fistula in ano) Nadi Vrina ( Sinuses) Arbuda ( Cancer) Arsha (Piles), Dusta Vrina (chornic or non healing ulcers), CharmaKil (wart), Tilkalaka (Melanomas), External abscess, Disease of Mouth, Ranula, Some tumor of mouth cavity etc can be heal by Kshar karma.

In vedic times Kshara karma is used as alternative to the sugery because it is painless procedure.It mortifying tissue by less degree may give rise to less effusion of blood and less agony than operation.It can be used for local application as well as oral administration such as ,in the treatment of renal calculi. Kshar can be applied to the people of delicate temperament and age.

Cancer is a life threatening disease.Basically it is divided in to 4 stages/phases.Early phase diagnosis of cancer helps in cure of disease otherwise it is very difficult to cure the cancer in advanced stage.

In Ayurveda cancer is known as Arbuda (Cancer), Tridoshaj Vyadhi (Syndrome), Gulma (Abdominal Tumor), Granthi (Benign Tumor), Apachi (Lymphadenopathy), etc. Ayurveda also describes cancer of particular organ i.e. cancer of tongue – alas, carcinoma of penis – Mamsa Arbuda, melanomas as Tilkalaka etc can treated with Kshar-karma (in early diagnosed phase of disease)
The substance by which the diseased part of body are scratched or killed is called as Kshara.By burning of whole of plant and tree, kshar can be prepared.The concentrated salts and alkalies obtained from burning of herbs is called as Ksdhara.

Classification of Kshara-
Based on application the kshara
It is of 2 types.
a.Paniya Kshara –for internal use
b.Pratisarniya kshara – for external application

Based on concentration-

Functions of Kshara Karma-
Perform functions like incision and Excision
Cleans and dries the wound
Digest the Ama
Indications of Pratisaraniya Kshara-
Fistula in Ano
Oral Diseases
Skin Diseases
Indications of Paaniya Kshar-
Poor digestive power
Abdominal pain
Renal Calculi


Cardiovascular disease
Difficult vision
After vaman and Virechana
edema all over body
menstruating women
in babies and old age
person who are very much timid
It should not be used delicates organs or part of body like ear lobule,umbilicus,ligaments,joints,veins,area with less muscles.
It should not be applied in person with arterial diseases and marasmus


Side Effect-
Excess use of kshara shows side effects on hair,eyes ,heart and virility.If we apply the kshar in Pitta-Rakta prakrutij person then it causes the bleeding tendency.

External Application of Kshar-
Proper application of kshar provide
Relief from pain
Cessation of discharge

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