Karnavedhana Sanskar in Ayurveda

Kaumarbhrutya is branch of Ayurveda which deals with the prevation and cure of childhood diseases.Aacharya Kashyapa had explained all the aspects related to childhood in his book Kashyapa Samhita .

There are 16 types of sanskar explained in kaumarbhrutya .These sanskar plays an important role in better development of childrens. .Because we all knows that childrens are the future of world.These sanskar brings good qualities,intelligence,health,good immunity in childrens.

Karnavedhana sanskar is one amongst the 16 sanskar.Karna means ear and vedhan means to pierce.Piercing of Karna Pali,s called as Karnavedhan Sanskar.

In this sanskar, the hole in the lower fleshy part of the child’s ear is made so that the child can wear the coil in the ear.This sanskar is done in the appropriate age according to the tradition of 6 months to 16 th month or 3, etc. in the hectic years or in the total number.

The main purpose of this sanskar is to achieve the complete femininity and masculinity in men and women. It is also recognized that the sun’s rays enter the ears through the ears and make the child fast.

This sanskar is also helps in improving the ear quality.From the middle o this sacrament the inner ear of child can listen holy vedas.It destroys many sins and purifies the emotions.

It also increases the immunity of child.


  • There is also the law of converging rituals ( Brahmins , Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) from the forearm. Brahmins and Vaishya are the laws of conjugal silver needle, need of gold with a needle of gold and a needle of kshatriya and rich men.In the auspicious time, after worshiping the deities in the holy place, the ears of the sun or the balcony in front of the sun should be conveyed by the following mantras –

Bhadrun Karnevihi: Kshatriyam Deva Bhadra Peshayeksha Bhavari Jatra.
Staengarangthuvaa saastunuvarvayasamahahi devhit yadayu.


  • After this, pierce the needle from the ear in the first and the left ear in the right ear of the child. Wear them in kundal etc. The girl has the legislation in the first left ear, then doing a hole in the right ear.
  • Same like ear-rings the girl should wear the nose ring in left nose. It make both parts of the brain effective with the effects of electricity, it is considered beneficial to wear gold by piercing the nose and ears. Wearing nostrils in the nose does not lead to nasopharyngeal diseases and relief in cold-cough. wearing gold earrings or earrings etc. in the ears, menstruation is regular in women; this also benefits the hysteria disease.

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