Kanakasavam (Bhaishajyaratnavali)

Kanakasavam (Bhaishajyaratnavali)

Ingredients :

  • Datura metel (Dhattura)-192gm
  • Adhatoda beddomi (Vasaka)-192gm
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (yashtimadhu)-96gm
  • Solanum xanthocarpum-kantakari-96gm
  • Zinziber officinalis-Shunthi-96gm
  • Clerodendrum serratum-Bharngi
  • Abies webbiana-Talispatra-96gm
  • Mesua ferrea (Nagakesara)-96gm
  • Piper longum (Pippali)-96gm
  • Woodfordia fructicosa-Dhataki-768gm
  • Vitis vinnefera-Draksha-960gm
  • Water-24.576 lit
  • Sugar-4.8kg
  • Honey-2.4kg

Add sugar in water (above mentioned quantity).Dissolve the sugar in water and then filtered prepared solution.Add rest of all ingredients in this solution and kept closed this in air tight container for fermentation.After fermentation ,filter it and used it

Ref. Text book

Bhaishajyaratnavali, Adhyayam 16


  • Recommended for bronchial complaints like asthma,bronchitis,cough,tuberculosis, general debility, fatigue, aggravated secondary stage fevers complaints of pains due to falls . etc.
  • it is also used in bleeding disoders such as nasal bleeding
  • It is also used to treat chest injury


  • 20 ml to 30 ml 2-3 time daily.

Side effects-

In high dose it causes stomach irritation and loose motion.It always be taken under medical supervision.

Dhatura should be used after shodhan process otherwise it causes side effects resembling dhatura poisoning.

It is avoid during pregnancy and should be taken during the lactation period under medical supervision.


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