Jayapal (Dravanti)

जेपाल: कटुरुष्णश्र्च कृमिहारी विरेचन: Ι

दीपन: कफवातघ्नो  जलोदरविनाशन: ΙΙ
Botanical Name Of jayapal :  Croton tiglium. Linn.               

Classification Of jayapal :

According To Modern

Kingdom – Plantae

Order – Unisexuales

Family     – Euphorbiaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak-  Not included in Varga

Sushruta- Not included in Gana

Bhavprakash- Guducyadi varga

Other Names  Of jayapal :

Tamil :

campari, cevalam, chiduram, cirukurinca, citturupa, copi, kattukkattai, naervalam, naganam, nagandi, nakakenti, nakanam, sambari, sayabalam, sevalamkottai, sevalangottai, siduram, tanti, tendi, tenti, valam, vanam

Kannada :

berada, byaribittu, byarilittu, danthi, jaapala, jaavaala, japala, japala beeja, japalada, japalada-bija, nepala, nepalada, nervalada

Sanskrit :

danti, dantibija, dantibijah, dantibijam, dravanti, duntibeeja, jayapala, jepala, jepalah, kanakaphala, naepala, naypal, nepala, nepalam, recakah, titteriphala

Malayalam :

cadalavanacu, cadel-avanacu, chiduram, dantibijam, katalavanakku, naervalam, neervaula, nervalam, nervvalam, nirvalam, nityavanci, nrvalam, valam

Tibetan :

nirvalam, tra ba nti, tra ban ti

English :

croton oil

General Information Of jayapal :

Habit- medium sized tree grows upto 20 ft. in height. Leaves- Alternate, toothed, glabrous, pinkish- violet when young. Inflorescence – Treminal raceme. Flowers- Unisexual, Monoecious, female flowers are without petals. Fruit – Capsule, ovoid obtusely 3 – lobed and yellow. Seeds- small with hard brownish yellow shell.

Properties (Gunadharma) Of jayapal :

Rasa-  katu

Vipak- Katu

Virya- ushna

Guna-Guru, Ruksha, Tikshna

Specific Parts  Of jayapal :

Seed, Seed oil

Doshaghnata  Of jayapal :


Shloka’s  Of jayapal :

जेपाल: कटुरुष्णश्र्च कृमिहारी विरेचन: Ι

दीपन: कफवातघ्नो  जलोदरविनाशन: ΙΙ


Benefits Of jayapal :


External application of jayapal root powder with buttermilk is advisiable in external hemorrhoids.This will causes the shrinkage  pile mass.

The paste of Jayapal roots with warm water is applied externally on the skin tags for several days.This will causes the fall off skin tag.

Paste prepared with Bark churna of Jayapal and water is applied on abscess.This will helps in bursting of abscess.

Polutice of Jaypal leaves is applied on the area of snake and insects bites.

Seeds of Jaypal,while half roasting over a lamp,is inhaled through the nostril to relieve the asthma.

Liniment prepared from Jaypal seeds is used in rheumatism,neuralgia,glandular and other indolent swelling.

Seed paste of Jayapal is applied externally over scalp region in case of Alopesia.

Internal  : being teevra virechana and krimighna it is useful in jeerna vibandha, krimi, jalodara and sarvangashotha. Being vishaghna an anjana be made of the paste made with lemon juice in jangamavisha badha [ Sarpavishabadha ] .

            Udara (Ascites)

In Udararoga (Ascites) oil prepared from Danti ( Baliospermum  montanum ) and Dravanti ( Croton Tiglium ) Seeds to be given internally.

Sarpa Visa (Snake poison )

Anjana ( Collyrium ) prepared from jayapala (Croton tiglium ) is beneficial in Sarpa Visa (Snake poision).

To treat Jaundice,bark powder of Jayapal with Jaggery is recommanded.

The seed oil of Jaypal is used to trat chronic bronchitis,arthritis,laryngeal infections an lock jaw.

The jayapal root is used in the treatment of dropsy,lead poisoning,cerebral haemorrhage or convulsions.

The expressed seed oil of Jayapal is used in Paralysis.


Formulation (Kalp) Of jayapal :

Ashvakanchuki, Ichchhabhedi, Naracharasa, jalodarari, jvaramurari. etc

Dosage  Of jayapal:

Beejakalka 25 to 50 mg.

Taila – 0.5 to 1 Drops

Chemical Composition :

The seed contains Fatty fixed oil Tiglinic acid, Crotonic acid and Crotonol.

Research Corner Of jayapal :

Five new phorbol esters as well as four known phorbol esters analogues were isolated from the branches and leaves of Croton tiglium. Their structures were elucidated mainly by extensive  NMR spectroscopic and mass spectroscopic analysis. All compounds have shown potent cytotoxic activity.



Side Effects-

If unprocessed Jayapal is used then it will causes the side effects like-


Severe abdominal cramps

Ulceration in mouth

Acid dyspepsia



Burning sensation in abdomen

External application of Unpurified Jayapal causes-



Burning sensation

It should not be used in Pregnancy and Lactating mothers.

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