त्रिसन्ध्या शीतला तिक्ता विषपित्तकफापहा l l कै नि

जपा संग्रहणी केश्या त्रिसंध्या कफवातजित l l भा प्र

Botanical Name Of Japa :Hibiscus rosa – Sinuses. Linn.

Classification Of Japa :

According To Modern

Kingdom –plantae

Order –Malvales

Family     –Malavaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak- Not mentioned in Varga

Sushruta- Not mentioned inGana

Bhavprakash- Puspavarga

Shodala Nighantu-Amradi  Varga

Raj Nighantu-Karveeradi varga

Other Names Of Japa :

Arabic :

angharae–hindi, angharae-hindi, angharaehindi


china rose, chinese hibiscus, chinese rose, hawaiian hibiscus, hibiscus, rose mallow, rose-of-china, shoe-flower


gudhal, gurhal, guthur, jassoon, jasum, jasun, jasund, jasut, java, odhul


daasaala, daasanige, daasarihoo, daasavaala, dasala, dasalagida, dasana, dasanapu, dasanige, dasanihu, dasavala, dasavana, daswala, kempupundrika, kempupundrike, nadeya


aimparutti, ain-pariti, ayamparutti, cemparatti, cemparutti, champarutti, chemburuthi, chemparutti, jampa, japa, schem-pariti, schempariti, shemparatti


darshan, dasindachaphula, jaasavand, jasavanda, jassvandi, jasund, jasvand


angarae-hindi, angaraehindi, angharae-hindi


arkapriya, aruna, harivallabha, japa, japaapushpa, japapushpa, japapushpam, java, joba, odhrapushpa, odrapuspa, ondrakhya, ondrapuspi, oundrapuspa, pratika, raktapushpi, rogapuspi, rudhrapushpa, trisandhya

Hema Pushpa-flowers are yellow reddish in colour

Trisandhya-flowers last for 3 evenings

Rakta Pushpa,Aruna sita-red and white gudal flowers

Ondra pushpa,Manda pushpa,Japaajava,Pinda Pushpa-Flowers are circular in shape

Praatika,Arka priya-the flowers blossom on sun rays

Hari vallabha-God Vishnu liked this flowers.


cembarattamu, chimabarathamu, daanachettu, daasaanachettu, daasaani, daasanamu, dasana, dasanamu, dasani, dasanie, dasanipu, japa, japapushpamu, javapushpamu, mandara, nandara


gulgurhaltaza, gul-e-gurhal


ampurukam, arattam, arattam2, aviyatam, cakoraki, cakorakicceti, cakoram, capa, capakucumam, capakuyamam, capaputpa, capatan, capattippu, cappatticceti2, cappattu3, cappattucceti, cempa, cemparattai, cemparattam, cemparattanceti, cemparikacceti, cemparuddi, cemparutti, cemparuttippu, cempatai, cempumaramuttam, ceppita, ceppitapparattai, cevali, cevvarattai, cevvarattam, chembarathi, chemparattai, cinacappattucceti, cinapparutti, civamparattam, civamparattanceti, civantavecai, civattaci1, civattacikam1, civattaki, civattataci1, civattatci, inamekappu, irattaichegappuchembarattam, irattaimanjajembarattam,

General Information Of Japa :

Habit- perennial shrub, grows upto 8 ft. Root- tap root and branched, solid, cylindrical, herbaceous above and woody below. Leaves- simple, alternate, large, broad, palmately veined, petiolate, stipulate, ovate shaped, serrate margin and acute tip. Inflorescence – Solitary terminal or axillary cyme. Flower – showy , scarlet red coloured, complete flower. Fruit – Capsule, mostly abortive. Seeds are endospermic, glabrous and hairy.

Properties (Gunadharma) Of Japa :

Rasa-kasaya, madhura

Vipak- katu

Virya- Sita

Guna-Snighdha, laghu

Specific Parts Of Japa :

Flowers, Leaves

Doshaghnata Of Japa :



त्रिसन्ध्या शीतला तिक्ता विषपित्तकफापहा l l कै नि

जपा संग्रहणी केश्या त्रिसंध्या कफवातजित l l भा प्र

जपा तु कटू रुष्णा स्यादिन्द्रूलुप्तकनाश कृत l

विच्छर्दी जंतू जननी सूर्याराधान साधनी l l रा नि


Benefits Of Japa :

Due to its gunas (properties) it is used in mastishkadaurbalya and apasmara.

It is useful as stambhana in raktatisara and raktarsha.

It is used in hridroga, raktappitta and disease occurring due to Vitiation  of blood.

Its Gulkanda( jam ) made of flowers is used as sex stimulant.

Flower buds should be crushed and given in raktapradara. It is useful in bahumootrata  andjvara arising out of bit.

Japakusum flower is soaked in water overnight ,next day filter this water.This water take in a dose of 30ml to control the sugar.

Churna of Japa pushpa with buttermilk is given in bleeding piles.

Paste of Japapushpa is taken with lukewarm water .This remady helps to relax the mind and responssible for sound sleep.

Tender buds and flowers of hibiscus is consumed to act as contraceptives.

Petals of Japa pushpa is bolied with milk and Mishri.This will help in strengthening of cardiac muscles.Dose-50ml

Powder of Japa pushpa with honey should be given in the treatment of Anemia.

Palitya( Premature graying of hairs )

Paste of Lohamala ( Iron slag ), fruit of Amalaki ( Emblicaofficinalis ) and flowers of japa ( Hibiscus rosa- sinensis ) has to be applied over scalp everyday and then take bath, this therapy is beneficial in Palitya ( Premature graying of hairs ).

Rajorodha( Amenorrhoea )

In case of Rajorodha (Amenorrhoea ) one should consume the paste prepared from flowers of Japa ( Hibiscus  rosa-sinensis ), leaves of jyotismati ( Celastruspaniculatus ) and kanji ( Sour gruel ).


Formulation (Kalp) Of Japa :



Keshrich oil

Trichup capsule

Research Corner Of Japa :

Antioxidant and Antibacterial potential of different solvent extracts of hibiscus rosa-sinensis was evaluated. The antioxidant activity was assessed by estimation of total flavonoids contents, total phenolic contents, DPPH free radical scavenging activity and percentage inhibition of linoleic acid oxidation capacity. Agar disc diffusion method was used to assess antibacterial potential of crude extract of H. rosa-sinensis. Antibacterial study against three human pathogens such as staphalococcus sp.,

Side Effects-

Japakusum has contraceptive action hence it should not be used during pregnancy.

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