Irregular Menses

Menstruation means shedding of inner line of uterus (endometrium) accompanied by bleedings comes out from vagina.The average length of Menstrual cycle is around 28-35 days.and menstruation lasts between 3-7days

The age at which menstrual cycle starts is called as Menarche ,age at which menses stops is called as menopause.The menses starts at puberty,between the age of 10-16yrs and stops between the age of 40-50yrs

Now a days lots of teenager girls and women suffereing from irregular menses problem.The word irregular means variation in regularity.Irregular cycle means variation in the number of days of menstrual cycle means period comes either too early or too late.

Menstrual cycle plays an important role in womens life .Regualar menstruation is niot only essential for good health but for carrying pregnancy also.Because cycle is required for the oocystes production and prepare the uterus for pregnancy.

Period of 2 year can required for the establishment of regular cycle after the first starts of mensesAter that periods comes at regular interval of times .But in some women the time between the periods and the amount of blood shed vary considerably which we come to known as rregular menses.

There are many causes behind this irregular menses but main leading cause of that is –Harmonal imbalance.

This hormonal imbalance can occurs due to lifestyle changes,changes occurs in body due to pregnancy and child birth,breastfeeding etc.

Use of Contraceptives is also responsible for hormonal imbalance

Hypo or Hyperthyroidism
Other causes of Irregular menses are-
Weight gain or extream weight loss
Mental stress and strain
Overexertion or over physical excersice
Eating disoders like anorexiua or bulimia
Uterine disoders like fibroids,endometriosis or PID
Polycystic ovaries
Some Medications

Irregularity in periods
Bleeding between to periods
Bleeding with clots
Excess bleeding or very less bleeding
Pain during the menses

Ayurvedic Treatment-


Basti Chikitsa-Basti is best treatment for all types of vataj vikars.There are 5 types of vata doshas out of which Apan vayu plays an important role in menstrual regulation. So the control of Apana vayu basti is useful.

Alternate use of sneha and niruha basti for the period of 3 months shows goods results in regulisation of menstrual cycle.

Virechana-Virechana is main treatment for Pitta dosha.Pitta and Rakta doshas shares conventional bonding with each other hence we do virechana chikitsa then it not only balances the pitta dosha but rakta dosha also.The menstruation appears in the form of bleeding hence if we do virechana then ultimately we see good results in irregular cycles.

Vaman -Vaman is best chikista for kapha dosha. Main dosha behind the granthi is Kapha dosha.Fibroid uterus,or PCOSb there is formation of granthi which obstruct the artavavaha channels in females which results in irregular menses.
Vaman and virechan also helps in weight reduction.

Nasyam-Nose is main door for brain house.The medicines which puts through the nasal passage is directly goes in to the brain.In brain,there is small pituitary gland which controls the all hormonal secreations,in shorst we can achieve he balance of harmone through nasya chikitsa.

There many medicines used for irregular menses.They are-

  • Shatavari churna
  • Pradarantaka churna
  • Ashokarishta
  • Kumari asava
  • Dashmularishta
  • Lodrasava
  • Ushirasava
  • Chandanasava
  • Chandraprabha vati
  • Rajah pravartini vati
  • Shankha vati
  • Sutshekhar rasa
  • Bolbaddha rasa
  • Navayas loha
  • Dashmula Ghana vati

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