Hritpatri /Digitalis

Botanical Name :     Digital purpurea Linn.

·        Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom –Plantae

o   Order –Lamiales

o   Family     –Scrophulariaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak- Not classified in varga
  • Sushruta- not classified in gana
  • Bhavprakash- not classified in varga

§  Other Names :

English name – Digitalis, Fox glove, Lady’s glove, Common Foxglove, Purple foxglove

Hindi – Tilpushpi

Kannada – Tilapuspi

Mlayalam – Tilpushpi

Marathi- Tilapuspi

Sanskrit Name-

Tila pushpi-The flower resembles like sesame

hritpatri-The leafis heart shaped

  • General Information :

Digitalis purpurea (foxglove, common foxglove, purple foxglove or lady’s glove) is a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Scrophulariaceae, native to and widespread throughout most of temperate Europe. It is also naturalised in parts of North America and some other temperate regions. The plants are well known as the original source of the heart medicine digoxin (also called digitalis or digitalin).

Habit- it is a herb. Root- tap rooted and branched . branches are herbaceous, branched and erect. Leaves- simple, exstipulate, often lower leaves are opposite and upper leaves are alternate. Margin is entire. Inflorescence- terminal raceme flowers- bisexual, hypogynous, glove shaped. Fruit- capsule with numerous seeds.

  • Types Of Plant’s

Digitalis purpurea Linn.

Digitalis Lanata Elrh.

  • Properties (Gunadharma)
    • Rasa- Tikta
    • Vipak- Katu
    • Virya- Ushna
    • Guna-Laghu, Ruksa
  • Specific Parts


  • Doshaghnata

Kapha-Vata shamak

  • Benefits
  • The powder of Hritpatri is used to treat cough,asthma and inflammation of the lungs in a dose f 250-300mg.
  • Hritpatri churna with hot water or Gomutra is used in the treatment of pedal edema due to cardiac disease.Dose-300-500mg
  • Hritpatri Churna is used to treat erectile dysfunction.Dose-50-100
  • Hritpatri churna is used to treat severe fever in a dose of 50-100mg
  • Hritpatri churna with milk is given to treat insomnia.
  • Formulation (Kalp)

No Classical formulations are available

  • Dosage

Choorna – 30 to 100 mg

Surasatva – 5 to 15 mg

  • Home remedies


Part of powder of Hritpari (digitalis purpurea ) leaves and 2 parts of Sringa bhasma are mixed together and administered internally in case of Hridrava.

  • Research Corner

The chemical investigation of Digitalis purpurea seeds led to the isolation of new Cardenolide glycosides (1, 8 and 11 ), fogether with 12 known Cardenolide glycosides ( 2-7, 9, 10 and 12-15 ). The structures of 1,8 and 11 were determined  by 1 D and 2 D NMR spectroscopic analyses and the results of an acid or enzymatic hydrolysis. The cytotoxic activity of the isolated compounds (1-15 ) against HL – 60 leukemia cells was examined. Compound 2 , 9, 11 and 12 showed potent cytotoxicity against Hep G2 human liver cancer cells with respective ICSO values 0.38 , 0.79 and 0.71 uM. An investigation of the structure activity relationship showed that the cytotoxic activity was reduced by the introduction of hydroxyl group at C-16 of the digitoxigeerin aglycone, methylation of the C-3 hydroxy group at the digitixopyranoyl moiety.

Side Effect-

Hritapatri can cause irregular or increased heart can be fatal due to presence of Digitoxin.

It also results in excessive salivation,diarrhea and nausea.



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