Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility

How to Find the Best Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment in Nagpur

Infertility Problems – Ayurveda Has All the Answers

If you have a problem of infertility then your choice of the best infertility hospital should begin with Ayurvedic hospitals. Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to treatment and has cured for both male and female infertility. Causes of infertility in women include tubal factors, ovarian factors, uterine problems, age-related factors, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and others.

Infertility in women

Infertility in Women

The menstrual cycle of a woman can be affected by diet and hence in Ayurveda during the treatment of infertility women are advised to take a diet prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctors. Women also suffer menstrual problems which may cause infertility due to emotional instability, lifestyle, excessive or too little physical exertion, and stress. All these factors go on to cause an imbalance in the doshas. Doshas are considered the most important factors in governing a person’s health according to Ayurveda. This is the reason that ayurvedic treatment of infertility pays a lot of attention to bringing the three doshas in balance. Imbalance in the Vata dosha is considered to be the main problem that causes infertility in men and women.

Infertility in men

Infertility in Men

Infertility in men is caused by problems that affect sperm production or the transportation of the sperms. Male infertility can be caused by many factors including varicocele, ejaculation problems, infections, hormone imbalance, tumors, defects in the tubes that transport sperm, etc. Along with a problem with the doshas, the abnormal functioning of the body is also due to Agnimandya which means the vitiation of the digestive fire of the body. Hence this is also taken into consideration in the Ayurveda treatment of infertility.

How to find the best ayurvedic hospital for treatment of infertility

Ayurvedic Hospital in Nagpur

The best way to find an ayurvedic hospital for the treatment of infertility is to ask people around you. Make inquiries among your friends, relatives and colleagues. However, infertility is something that you may not wish to discuss with anyone, or it may be that such information is not available in your social circle. In that case you should search the internet, because nowadays even ayurvedic hospitals have a strong internet presence. They have their own website and these websites provide complete information regarding the methods that they implement in the treatment of any health problem.

You should compare the different hospitals in Nagpur which may not be too many. Study the websites of the ayurvedic hospitals in Nagpur and gauge the quality of the information provided by them. The next step is to visit these hospitals and speak to the ayurvedic doctors. You should study the customer centricity, empathy shown towards your problem and the knowledge of the doctor. It is also a good idea to conduct some research on the internet and find out whether the doctor has the right knowledge and has imparted the right information to you. You should also read the reviews and testimonials written by the people who have taken ayurvedic infertility treatment in Nagpur from the hospital in question. You should opt for the hospital which has the maximum positive reviews. At the same time, a good Ayurvedic hospital will have a good reputation in the city and you are quite likely to hear good things about a hospital that stands the test.

Infertility treatment provided by the good hospitals

Ayurtvedic Medicine

The first thing that an ayurvedic doctor will ask you to do in case you suffer from infertility, is to customize your diet. Ayurvedic treatment of infertility requires strict adherence to a diet that increases the Ojas and refraining from foods that destroy the Ojas. The Ojas is a factor of the physical, mental and spiritual health of the body which is responsible for overall health, liveliness, and energy. Oja’s building foods include milk, ghee, sesame seeds, nuts, dates, honey, saffron, etc. The doctor will prescribe the diet that you need to take along with prescribing herbal medicine which will rectify the problem of infertility. Many people have taken the help of Ayurveda to treat infertility with success and it can help you as well.

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