How Skin Care Works in Ayurveda

Skin constitute a seat of a sense organ. All the senses of touch, pain, pressure, and temperature can be felt with it. With healthy skin, one can appear to be very healthy and attractive without even having makeup. The ayurvedic skin care remains the most effective as it has no side effects like the other forms of skin care carried out by the chemical based products. But do you know how the skin care in Ayurveda works, have a look as under:

The first step towards the skincare carried out by any skin specialist in Nagpur is to check the type of skin you have. You need to have a holistic Ayurveda approach while you find the type of your skin. For Vata skin, you get the dry skin; these are cool and delicate to the touch and often get dehydrated easily apart from being vulnerable to dry windy weather conditions. For people with the skin, you have to be regular in your eating meals, going to bed on time, and doing the usual things with a proper schedule can help in nourishing your vata skin.

For the Pitta skin type, you see people with it to have soft, sensitive, fair and warm kind of thickness. These remain less tolerance to hot food along with having less tolerance to the fieriness. These remain more prone to the moles, freckles to other kinds of skin types. This type of skin is both nurturing and cooling. Taking care of this type of skin, you can rely on ayurvedic herb Flame of Forest and it can help in fixing the issue of photosensitivity. However, it has to be used in combination with a wide range of other herbs for getting a balanced effect on the skin.

For the Kalpha skin, you have all the features of earth and water. This can be soft, oily, thick, cool and pale apart from being more tolerant to the sun. This type of skin simply tends to reduce the aging signs and thus allow you to have fewer amounts of wrinkles rather than having the two types. The Kapha skin types can be seen struggling with enlarged pores, dull complexion, blackheads, and excessing oil. The skin care is carried out in a combination of Vata-Pitta that can help in fixing issues with both dry and sensitive.

This type of skin is prone to collect ama or toxins due to its oiliness and thickness that are found under the skin. Hence the people with this kind of skin type are supposed to detoxify the same on a regular basis. This has to be carried out both internally and externally to flush away the toxins under the skin claims the skin specialist in Nagpur, when it comes to Ayurveda treatment for this type of skin you need to scrub the skin gently to allow the external cleansing. The skin type can also have the need to take up the herbal formulations for cleaning up the skin from within the body.

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