How ANTIOXIDANTS Can Help You Improve Your Health

Antioxidants – Parijatak’s Wellness Mantra

Our body is made up of lots of substances like bones, tissues, muscles, nerves, organs, blood and many more essential life-supporting materials. For maintenance of life and normal functioning of organs, numerous cellular reactions continue in our body. From these cellular reactions, free radicles are produced as a by-product in the daily basis, highest antioxidant foods in the world. Excess production of free radicals in the body damage the cell membranes and cause diseases of cardiovascular system, cancers, Alzheimer arthritis etc.

Role of Free Radicals

Oxidation is the process which produces free radicals. The free radicals are present in our body in the form of ROS (Reactive oxygen species), Hydroxyl radical (OH), Superoxide radical (O2) nitric oxide (NO). These free radicals attack protein, DNA and lipid resulting into cellular damage. When they attack lipids they cause cardiovascular diseases; when they attack DNA they often lead to cancer and when they damage proteins and bones they result in arthritis.

Ayurveda and Free Radical Concept

The five major elements of the body are panchmahabhuta which are based on the existence in relation to nature and environment. A living organism is the union of four components i.e. Sense, Organ, Psyche, and soul. It is the combination of three body humour (Tridosh) with seven basic tissues (Sapta dhatus) and three excretions (Trimalas).

The union of four components, as mentioned here, are regulated by another three factors named as Pran, Agni, and Ojha; Agni is of thirteen types. The one which is responsible for digestive power (Jathragani) is considered to be the most important. When Pran, Agni & Ojha are weakened, the interaction of three doshas is disturbed and it leads to the destabilization of the equilibrium of the body humors or disturbed normal physiology. These changes are manifested in the form of symptoms of a disease.

Talking about the management of a disease, Ayurveda believes in the concept of natural healing of a disease by the regression of the causative factor (Swabhavoparamvada).

There is a general concept of Atiyoga (excess), Heeneyoga (Less) or Mithyayoga (unwholesome use) of normal requirement as the root cause of all the diseases. Nutrition, massage, exercise, rest, adequate sleep, hygiene and following of daily routine to maintain the body is seen as the basis of wellness. Ayurveda knows the mantra of wellness without any discomfort or health hazard.

Nutrition is the critical determinant of risk of illness. Undernourished individuals have the poor immune response which leads to more infections and immune-related disorders. Any nutritional deficiency includes protein-energy malnutrition (PEM), vitamin deficiency and the shortage of minerals and coenzymes.

The inclusion of antioxidants is essential to maintain the body’s immune response and keep it ready to fight any disease.importance-of-antioxidants

Importance of Antioxidants

Antioxidant supplements benefits are the molecules which can reduce the level of free radicals in our body. They react with free radicals, neutralize or terminate them and prevent the cells from undergoing deleterious oxidative damage.

Antioxidants include some vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, Some minerals like selenium and flavonoids which are presents in plants. The best source of antioxidants is fruits and vegetables.

Beta-carotene presents in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, and berries basically in red and green fruits and veggies. It is very beneficial for eyes. It reduces the risk of vision loss and cataracts. It also presents muscular damage to eyes.

Flavonoids present in Ayurvedic herbs like. Tulsi, punarnava, kanchanar, Palash. It is beneficial for the heart. Selenium is very effective in cancer and thyroid disorders, Selenium is presented in mushroom, beans, chia seeds, sunflowers and sesame seeds.

Antioxidants also help in cognitive problems like dementia. Antioxidants not only help in disease management but it also helps in building up of immune system and detoxification of the body.

Include fruits and veggies in your diet which are rich in antioxidants.

Parijatak- The Renowned Wellness Centre in India

Parijatak Ayurveda has been providing wellness solutions to its patients for many years. It is known to them that Ayurveda holds the key to wellness and wellness is the key to good life. The experts are well trained and experienced in understanding the need of their patients; they provide the best advice to them to keep them healthy and free from diseases. They emphasize the intake of antioxidants in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables and recommend the proper routine of life which includes exercise, rest and an active schedule. Consult the experts at Parijatak to find the better way to wellness.


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