Hemant Ritucharya

Hemant ritu,the period of early winter comes under the Visarga kala.Period between Mid-November to Mid-January is comes under the Hemant Ritu.Temperatures started to drop.there is chillness in air.The weather starts getting pleasant and we start feeling cold.The sun give out energy to earth. Cold and chills winds leads to the imbalancing of VATA and KAPHA dosha.Vata dosha is responsible for increase of Agni or body fire , which results in increase in appetite. Hence the frequency of food consumption increases. So consume the food which satisfy the appetite during winters.People gain the strength during this period.Person feels hungery early in morning because of long nights. There is dominance of Madhura Rasa and Mahabhutas like Prithivi and Apa.

The specific Ayurvedic lifestyle modifications and regimen which is fallows during the Hemant ritu is known as Hemant Ritucharya
Dietary Recommendations

• One should take the heavy food during Hemanta ritu as the digestive capacity of the body is very good during this period. sweet, sour and salty tastes are recommended durind winter season. These tastes and heavy food can help keep Vata in control.
Advice to take amla juice on empty stomach
Drink warm water through out a day
Taking Amla juice on empty stomach is recommended.
Warm soups should be taken
Among grains and pulses, new rice, flour arrangements, green gram, Masha, etc., are suggested to be eaten.
Intake of Sesam products advisible this season


Fruits and vegetables like amla,fig,apple,lemon,spinach,pumpkin,carrots should be consumed.

• Easily digestible foods should be taken in moderation.

• Include honey in your diet.

• Consume sugar cane juice and sugar cane as these provide abundant energy and minerals.

• Wine is recommended during this season as it keeps the body warm.

• Dairy products like cow milk,butter ghee and edible oils are recommended.

• Overeating should be avoided.

• Unhealthy foods like fried foods, carbonated drinks, sprouts etc. should be avoided.

Vata aggravating foods, such as, Laghu (light), cool, and dry foods are to be stayed away from.
Avoid cold drinks and beverages.


Lifestyle Recommendations

• Wear the warm clothes during this period.

• Abhyangam (massage) with warm oil done regularly.Abhyanga especially on scalp and forehead with oils that have vata balancing properties.
After the body massage ,oil is washed off with astringent powders.Bath is taken by warm water.Aromatics herbs like gulab pattar are used.

The body is exposed to the fumes of agaru.
• Cover your head and ears when walking out during early winter.
thick sheet made of cotton, leather, silk, wool or bark of trees that are light in weight should be used during sleep.

Exposure to sunlight and fire should be advisiable.

Foot wear should be worn always.

, sexual liberality with one accomplice and living in warm places is suggested.
Exposure to strong and cold wind should be avoided.

Atap sevan(Sun bath) should be recommended.

Vigorous excersices are advisible
Yoga should be done daily
Avoid Sleeping during daytime
Avoid Going out in the cold


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