Heart Problems

Pathya-Apathya for Hridayroga (Dos & Donts)


  • Shalidhanya-Red variety of rice
  • Mudga-Green gram
  • Yava-Barly
  • JangalaMamsa-Meat soup of animals living in desert area.
  • Marichchoorna with patol-Black pepper powder mixed with pointed gourd
  • Karvellaka,Patola,dudhi
  • Amlarasatmakadravya like changery,badar (Ber ),matulunga(lemon)
  • Daily use of spices like black pepper,cinnamon(kalmi),asafoetia(hing) in vegetables
  • Low salt intake
  • Regular walking
  • Yoga and Pranayam
  • Meditation
  • Developes your hobbies like reading,singing



Apathyakarahar-vihar (Don’ts)

  • Tail-oil preparations-oily foods
  • Guru anna-heavy foods
  • Kasayarasatmakaahar-Astrigent foods
  • Atishram-Excess work
  • Aatap-Excess sun heat
  • Atichinta-Excess thinking,stress,anxiety anger
  • Atimaithun-Excess libido
  • Anidra-Sleep distrubence
  • Atibhashya-Excessive talking



  1. Anjali Asati

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog. your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up

  2. Salomi Gajulla

    There are two main lines of treatment for heart disease. Initially, a person can attempt to treat the heart condition using medications. If these do not have the desired effect, surgical options are available to help correct the issue.
    But In that area Parijatak doing a good job.

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