Headache Treatment in Nagpur – Cure Completely With Ayurveda

Headache Treatment in Nagpur

Headache Treatment in Nagpur: If you get a headache often, the reason might be more than just a hectic work schedule. Medical diagnosis classifies headaches into three different kinds- sinus headaches, tension headaches and migraine headaches. Ayurveda assigns a mind-body operator each as the causing factor to each of these kinds. Sinus headaches are a result of imbalance in kapha-vata. Tension headaches is a vatadosha while migraine headaches are an expression of a disruption in the functions of pitta and vata. Depending on the sources and causes, Ayurvedic headache treatment in Nagpur are chosen and administered.

Herbs that Help Headaches

Headache treatment in Nagpur includes an array of herbs that have pain killing properties. Each of the herbs used are natural analgesic and have cooling properties to soothe the nerves.

  • Bishop’s Weed: This herb is known to help alleviate severe headaches caused in migraine. However, this herb is not widely recommended because of its obvious side effects and addictive nature.
  • Betel:A paste of betel leaves is applied on the forehead for immediate pain relief. The cool paste soothes the nerves and numbs the area to reduce pain instantly.
  • Garlic:Garlic has near-miraculous effects on headaches. It is one of the active components of Ayurvedic medication.

Dietary Disciplines

Medication alone cannot help cure the underlying causes of headaches. You need to follow a diet plan to optimize the effects of medications and therapies. For sinus headache treatments, doctors recommend foods of some particular tastes like astringent, bitter and pungent. These tastes are known to appease the kapha. For tension headaches, add more sour, salty and sweet foods into your diet. As for your migraines, your diet should have a mix of bitter, astringent and sweet foods. Those under migraine treatments must avoid tomatoes for as long as the treatment continues.

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    Headache occure by tension or hectic work schedule.This blog is very useful for headache treatment as Parijatak Ayurveda provide ayurvedic treatment for headache and it is best treatment for headache.

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