Ayurvedic Treatment Gynecology

Gynecological Problems and Their Ayurvedic Treatment

During their reproductive age from the onset of puberty till menopause, women experience a lot of changes. Some women also have gynecological problems which can be very disrupting to their lives. The allopathic treatment of such problems can lead to various side effects, while Ayurvedic treatment gynecology is very safe comparatively. At the same time, Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine which aims at correcting the energy balance of the body by correcting the three doshas which govern the 5 elements which our body is made up of. These three doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and the 5 elements are earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

Causes of Gynecological Problems 

Causes of Gynecology Problems

The chief cause of gynecological problems according to Ayurveda is the imbalance of the three doshas. This imbalance is caused due to improper lifestyle, diet, and even hereditary factors. This is why the first advice that a good Ayurvedic doctor will give is to correct your lifestyle and diet. The main thing that you need to correct in your lifestyle is to avoid stress which is the cause of some problems like irregular or painful periods. Some hormonal problems are also related to excessive stress. Ayurveda propagates the practice of yoga and meditation to alleviate the stress in your life. The next thing to do is get proper exercise which will ensure the proper flow of blood and hormones in the body. 

Symptoms of Gynecological Problems

Symptoms of Gynecological Problems

Painful or irregular periods, and excessive bleeding during periods are the main problems faced by women nowadays. As mentioned above they are caused by stress and improper lifestyle and diet. The other symptoms include pain the pelvic region, vaginal itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, lumps and pain in the breasts and others. As soon as you, observe these symptoms you should consult the best gynecologist doctor in Nagpur. In this, it is advisable to consult an Ayurvedic doctor so that you can get a holistic treatment taking care of your overall well being along with the cure of the gynecological problem.

Ayurveda and Gynecology

Ayurveda and Gynecology

Women with gynecological problems should pay special attention to their diet and apart from taking this diet during the time they are dealing with the ailment, it is advisable to opt for a healthy Ayurvedic diet throughout their lives. This is because although Ayurveda has a cure for most common gynecological problems if you wish to be healthy always then you should make sure that these health problems do not recur in your life. At the same time, as mentioned above you will also need to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Apart from this, a good ayurvedic doctor will also prescribe herbal and mineral medicine along with some therapies. 

Let us look at these therapies administered by doctors in the best gynecologist hospitals in Nagpur. For gynecological problems, the following 4 main therapies are of great help.

  • Vamana this is therapeutic vomiting which is induced by certain herbs and removes the Vata dosha in the body
  • Virechana is a medicated purification therapy that cleanses the pitta dosha from the bowels. 
  • Uttarvasti is a herbal enema which cures the diseases about the bladder or genitalia of the women
  • Nasya is a therapy in which herbal oils are supposed to be inhaled from the nose and they help in removing the Kapha and Vata dosha of the body.

Hence Ayurvedic treatment of gynecological problems also ensures that your body remains pure and unaffected by ailments. 

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