Botanical Name:Abrus precatorius linn.

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom – Plantae

o   Order – Rosales

o   Family – Papilonaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak- Not mentioned in Varga
  • Sushruta- mula visa
  • Bhavprakash- Guducyadi varga,Upavisha
  • Kaiyydeva Nighantu-Oushadhi varga
  • Dhanvantari NIghantu-Karaveeradi varga
  • Raja Nighantu-Guduchyadi varga

§  Other Names Of gunja

English name- Abrus or Indian Licorice root, Crabs eye, John Crow Bead, Abrus seed
Hindi name- Gamanchi,  Gunchi, Gunja, Gaunchi, Rati
Kannada name – Gulaganji, Gulgunji
Teugu name- Guruvinda , Guruginia
Marathi name – Gunj, Gunja
Bengali name – Kunch, Koonch, Chunhali
Gujarathi name – Chanoti, Gumchi, Chanothi
Tamil name- Gundumani
Malayalam name- Kunni, Gundumani
Farsi name – Chasmekharosh
Punjabi name – Mulati
Urdu name – Ghunchi
Kasmiri name – Shangir
Persian name – Gunchi, Chashami, Khurosa,

Sanskrit Names-



Krushnala-seeds have black spot

Raktika,Tamra,Tamrika-coopery red coloured seeds

Shweta Gunja-white variety synonyms-

Shweta paki,Chudala,Kakapeelika,Durmaaya,Chakripa,Chuda,chakrashalya,Chirantika,shweta kambhoji,bhiratika,kakadani,kakapeelu

  • General Information :

Habit- a woody climber, leaves- compound, paripinnate, leaflets are 10 to 20 in number. Leaflets are ovate, obovate or oblong, inflorescence- many flowered raceme. Flowers- subsessile, pale purple to yellowich in color. Fruit- pods. 3 to 5 seeded. Seeds spot round the hilum or black with a white spot or uniformly black or white. Glossy surfaced.

  • Types Of Plant’s:

Sweta Gunja

Rakta gunja

  • Properties (Gunadharma):
    • Rasa – Tikta, Kashaya
    • Vipak- Katu
    • Virya – Ushna
    • Guna – Laghu, Ruksa


गुंजाबीजं वान्तिकार तीव्रविरेचनकृत्तथा l

शिलीतं त्वतीमात्रं तू गुंजाबीजमशोधीतम् l l र त २४ /४४१

नवानी गुंजाबिजानी चुर्णीकृत्य प्रयत्नत : l

व्दिगुणीकृतवस्त्रान्त :पोटाल्यां रोधयेत्तत : l l

स्वेदयेद्दोलिकायन्त्रे व्दियामं गव्यदुग्धत :l

इत्थं तु गुंजाबीजानि शुद्धीमायात्यानुत्तमाम् l र त २४/४४३-४४४

गुंजा रुक्षा तथा तिक्ता विर्योष्णा च प्रकीर्तिता l

विषवैषम्यजन्तुघ्नी रोगग्रामभयापहा l l

गुंजाव्दयं च शीतोष्ण बीजवान्तिकरं शिफा l

शुलघ्नीविषहृत्पत्र वश्ये श्वेता प्रशस्यते l l ध नि



In Ayurveda,Gunja is used in the treatment of nervous debility,obstinate cough and local leucoderma,alopecia,sciatica,stiff joints,leprosy and paralysis.

External Uses-

Sciatica,sstiffness of shoulder joint,paralysis and other nervous diseases-

Paste of gunja seeds are used for external application

White leprosy,leucodermatic spots-

Paste of gunja seeds and chikrak root is applied as a stimulant dressing.This is done regularly for 1 month


Paste of gunja seeds is applied externally over the scalp.

Blisters in mouths,mouth sores,bad breath,hoarseness of voice,bronchial contrictions-

Advise to chew the gunja leaves

Bleeding isoders,excessive bleeding in menstruation,Pradar,bleeding piles and luecorrhoea-

Decoction is preapared from 5gm of gunjaa leaves and 150ml of water Boil this and reduced it till 1/4th.Strain this liquid and drink this at empty stomach


Gunja root powder with water in a dose of 5gm,twice a day for 3-4 days is advisiable


Advise to chew fresh 10 leaves of gunja

Mild diabetes-

To control the blood sugar level advise to chwe the fresh gunja leaves daily in empty stomach

Cough and congestion-

Decoction prepared with 3-4grams of gunja root powder with 1 glass of powder.

Tonic,physical weakness

Gunja root owder with mishri and milk ,two times a day

Colitis,ulcer,infection in intestine

Root decoction of gunja is advisiable

Urinary trouble-

Gunja root powder with puran gud is advisible.Dose-5grams,twice a day for 5 days

Scorpion sting and snakebite-

Gunja root powder with cow’s milk is advisiable.


Gunja shodhana-

The gunja seeds are tied in two layered cloth,kept suspended in cow milk taken in pot.The milk is boiled with the gunja seed suspended for 1 yama-3 hours.This process is called as swedana.After this ,the seeds are taken out,washed in hot water,dried and preserved.

The pot used for this purp[ose is called as Dolayantra

Even kanji -fermented liquid can also be used insted of milk


Root powder-3-6 grams

Seeds-The seeds must be purified before the use




Neelibhrungadi tailam

Sarivadi Vati


research Corner-

Anticataractic and anti oxidant effects-The ethanolic seeds extract of gunja seeds protected the lence against calcium induced oxidative damage which might be helpful in delaying the progression of cataract.

Side Effects-

This plant do not use in pregnancy as it posssess abortifacient properties.

Excess consumption of leaves causes purgation.

Therapeutic use of gunja seeds are only permitted after shodhana.

Seeds have antifertility effect for both male and female.In some parts of world the seeds are used for contraceptive purpose.

Seeds are heavily contains proteid poisons which is similar to snake venom poison.

After contact of seeds with eyes causes conjunctivitis or even blindness

Ingested seeds can affect he gastrointestinal tract,liver,spleen,kidney and lymphatic system.

The symptoms of gunja seed poisoning may develop after few hours to several days.

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