Gulgulwasavam (Gadanigraham/Asava)

Gulgulwasavam (Gadanigraham)

Ingredients :

Haritaki-terminalia chebula)4.8kg

Vibhitaki-Terminalia belerica4.8kg

Amalaki-Emblica officinalis-768gm

Guggul-Commiphora mukul-196gm



Pippalimoola-Long pepper root-196gm

Chavya-piper chaba-196gm

Chitraka-Plumbago zeylanica-196gm

Ajamoda-Trachyspermum roxburgianum-196gm

Talispatra-Abies webbiana-196gm

Musta-Cyperus rotandus-196gm

Nagakeshar-Mesua ferrea-196gm

Katphala-Myrica nagi-196gm

Pippali-Piper longum-196gm

Marich-Piper nigrum-196gm

Shunthi-Zizimber officinale-196gm

Water-12.288 lit

all ingredients are added in water .Boiled it and reduced to 1/4th part.Then add Dhataki pushpa(768gm),Guda (9.6kg),draksha(480gm) and dadima(480gm) .Mix it properly and kept it in air tight container for 30 days for fermentation.Then filtered it and used it.



  • Cures leprosy, diabetes, worm infestation acites, spleen complaint, jaundice, asthma, cough, Oedema, fistula, increases apetite.
  • It is also used in Kushta,and Prameha

Dosage :

25 ml. 2 times daily


Side effects-

In High dose it causes gastric irritation.

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