Grishma Ritu

 Grishma Ritu (Summer):

The season is commonly called as summer season.This comes in to Adana Kaal.Mid-May to Mid-July comes under this. atmosphere is extreamly hot and environment is prevalent with unhealthy wind.Sun heat is maximum during this period.The sky remains clear.Air is dry,light and hot in nature.During the day time the land become hot and dry. The lakes and rivers are dried up, they are always muddy and meshy.the plants are lifeless. Body strength of an individual becomes weak due to dryness in weather.Accumulation of Vata Dosha occur and Kapha Dosha decreases day by day. Agni of the person remains in mild condition.

Diet Routine:
The foods which are light to digest is recommended.
Foods having Madhura (sweet), Snigdha (unctuous), Sheeta (cool), and Drava (fluid) Guna, should be advisible.
. Drink plenty of water and liquid suspentions. cold water, buttermilk, fruit juices, meat soups, mango juice, stirred curd with pepper, is suggested.
milk with sugar should be taken at bed time.

Lavana and food with Katu (sharp) and Amla (acrid) taste and Ushna (warm) nourishments are to be evaded.
Eat sattu( corn flour)  mixed  with  cold water and  sugar after taking bath .
Madya (wine) is strictly avoided during this period. If very necessary, taken in very little quantity or diluted with more quantity of water;
Boiled rice, which is white in colour, (like full moon) should be eaten along with Moong daal khichdi,
green vegetables like cucumber, Tinday, Pumpkin,bottle gourd,parval are recommended.
Avoid oily and spicy foods.
Nariyal pani and Panna(extract of ripe mango) is recommended.
One must also include good herbs in their food like Amla which are cool in nature as their use will help the body in keeping strong appetite, itself healthy & maintain its temperature.

Take a bath with cold water
Application of sandal wood and other aromatic pastes over the body is advisiable.
Wear light cotton cloths.
Live in cool rooms.
Shadanga pani is advisiable.
Nappying in day time is useful.
Avoid over exertion and excess physical work
Keep yourself cool by fanning with taadh (borasus flabellifer) feather.
Wear ornaments made of utpal (nyphaea stellate) and lotus ,is reduces the body temperature.
Mixture of chandan and kapoor should be applied over the body.It protect the body from heat.
Avoid sex during summer season.

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