गोरक्षगत्र्जा तुवरासतिक्ता लघ्वी च तीक्ष्णा परमोष्णवीर्या Ι

कफर्तीह्रत मूत्रवीरेचनिया प्रभावतोप्यष्मरिनाशनी स्यात ΙΙ

 Botanical Name: Aerva lanata Juss.

·         Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom – Plantae

o   Order – Caryophyllales

o   Family – Amaranthaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak- Not classified in Varga
  • Sushruta-Not classified in gana
  • Bhavprakash- not classified in varga

§  Other Names

Hindi name: Gorakhbuti or Kapuri jadi, Gorakshaganja, Gorkhabundi, Kapurijidi, chaya.
English name: Mountain knot grass
Bengali name: Chaya
Kannada name: Bilesuli, Bilihindi soppu
Malayalam name: Cherula, Cerula, Ceruvuta
Marathi name: Kapuri-madhura, Kapurmadhura, Kumrapindi , Kapurphuti
Punjabi name: Bui-kaltan (flowers as sold in bazaars)
Tamil name: Sirru -pulay –vayr, Cerupulai, Poolai
Telugu name: Pindi-kura, Pindi-chettu, Pindiuttu, Kondapindichettu
Gujarathi name – Bur, Kapurimadhuri
Assamese name – Bameha
Spanish name- Sanguinaria de cuba
Deccan name – Khul-Khul
Mundari- Cauliara
Sind- Bui
Trans- Indus-Azmei
Punjab- Baikallau,

Sanskrit Name-

Pashanbheda-That which destroys the stones.

  • General Information :

Habit- Annual herb, Root- tap root and branched , stem- herbaceous, green, white-tomentose, divided into nodes and internodes. Leaf- simple, exstipulate, alternate, ovate, entire, rounded to acute with a short micro, unicostate reticulate venation. Inflorescence- axillary, dense and compact spike. Flowers- minute, actinomorphic and bisexual, fruits- a one- seeded pyxis seed, with tough, shinuy testa and embryo curved.

  • Properties (Gunadharma):
    • Rasa –Tikta, Kashaya
    • Vipak-Katu
    • Virya –Ushna
    • Guna –Laghu, Teekshna
  • Specific Parts:


  • Doshaghnata:

Kapha, vataghna

  • Shlok:

गोरक्षगत्र्जा तुवरासतिक्ता लघ्वी च तीक्ष्णा परमोष्णवीर्या Ι 

कफर्तीह्रत मूत्रवीरेचनिया प्रभावतोप्यष्मरिनाशनी स्यात ΙΙ 

  • Benefits :
  • External-

The paste of Gorakshagunja plant is applied over the forehead to treat he headache


It is useful in sashmari and mootrakrichchhra being ashmaribhedana and mootrala, it is known as pashanabheda in south india and its ashmarighna action is well experienced.

The decoction of the root of Aerva lanata is given in a dose of 50-60 ml to treat renal calculi and retention of urine.

Cold infusion of the whole plant is given in a dose of 30-40 ml to treat cough and sore throat.

The root paste of Gorakshagunja is made in to decoction.And this is used in the treatment of gonorrhea in a dose of 30ml.

The Cold infusion of Gorakshagunja root is given in pregnant women as a tonic.It improves the body strength.

The plant decoction of Gorakshaganja is used to treat diarrhea

Asmari ( urinary Calculus )

Kwatha (Decoction ) of Goraksaganja (Aerva lanata) to be taken internally thrice a day will dissolove the stone and clears the Urinary tract.

Patra swaras of Gorakshaganja is used to treat Kidney stone in a dose of 2tsf.

In Shri-lanka,polpala ea is famous for cleasing he kidneys and consumed regularly.

Tamaka swasa (Asthma )

In case of tamaka swasa ( Asthma ) the dried leaves and flowers of goraksa ganja ( Aerva lanata ) are used to Dhumapana to smoke )

Intestinal Worm-

to treat the intestinal worm boil the 20-30 leaves of Gorakshaganja with 1 cup of water.Reduces this til the half.This preparation should be taken atleast thrice a day.

Lowers Blood sugar Levels-

Gorakshaganja lowers the blood sugar levels and internal consumption will have a positive impact on diabetetic patients.

Anti Cancer Property-

Gorakshaganja help to stop the growth of cancerous cells.

Anti Ulcer Property-

Stem Extract of Gorakshaganja posses anti ulcer property.In tamilnadu water decoction of Gorakshaganja is used in patients suffering from ulcers.

  • Chemical Composition:

The plant contains palmitic acid, beta-sitosterol and alpha-amyrin. The flowering and fruiting parts contained hemicellulose, starch an acid- soluble polysaccharide & H2o soluble polysaccharides, monosaccharide contents of polysaccharides determined.


Marma Gulika        Diseases of Marma i.e vital organs

Virataradi Kashaya     renal calculi,urine retension

  • Research corner :

A study is done to analyze the phytochemical composition and in vitro antioxidant properties of aqueous extract of Aerva lanata stem. The results showed that Aerva lanata has phenolic compounds, saponins , flavonoides, tannins and phytosterols as major phytochemical groups. The plant possesses high antioxidant activity.

Side Effects-

Gorakshaganja has anti-fertility properties.It also lower the sugar level in peoples hence it is very carefully given in patients with diabetic medication. 

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