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Get to Know the Epidemiology of Fissure

Go for a Pain-Free Treatment of Fissure at Parijatak

Get to Know the Epidemiology of Fissure, Fissure is a medical condition characterized by a small crack or tear in the skin of the anal-rectal region coupled with pain, itching and burning sensation. According to the research of the medical study, almost one in ten people are affected by the condition because of the change in lifestyle and dietary habits caused as a result of tiring and stressful working hours. Some of the other possible causes are severe constipation, pregnancy, anal cancer, trauma, inflammatory bowel disease and prolonged intake of various medicines.

Types of Fissure

Fissure is categorized into two types:

  • Primary Fissure: This type is the basic form of the fissure that can be acute or chronic depending on the treatment required for the same. The acute condition can be healed easily by taking simple home measures but chronic condition requires surgery and takes time to heal.
  • Secondary Fissure: This type occurs as a result of severe clinical symptoms occurring due to health conditions like colitis, tuberculosis, past rectal operation, syphilis, and AIDS.

Signs and Symptoms of Fissure

  • Severe pain during defecation
  • Inflammation near the anal region
  • In some cases bleeding with the stool
  • Itching sensation and discomfort in the rectal tunnel
  • A visible skin crack or sore around the anus

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fissure

According to Ayurveda, the fissure is an anorectal disease termed as Parikartika caused due to an imbalance of Pitta and Vata doshas. The aggravation of pitta dosha results in burning inflammation whereas Vata dosha results in prickling painful sensation. The team of skilled doctors at Parijatak has defined effective measures of fissure treatment Ayurveda Nagpur at Parijatak. The duration of treatment actually varies from patient to patient depending on the extent of the fissure and resulting relief.

Anal fissure treatment Nagpur center has done a complete research and experimentations on various herbal formulations and therapies to relieve the pain of fissure and cleanse the rectal tunnel to heal the fissure. The course of treatment includes the following Ayurvedic therapies and medicines:

  • Panchakarma Treatment: This is also known as Basti and is carried through enema of medicated Ayurvedic oil that helps reduce the inflammation and pain and lead to faster healing.
  • Anal Dilation: This is done by manually cleansing the anal under local anesthesia. This is an effective and tested cure even for the chronic condition.
  • Avgaha Sweda: This is also known as Sitz Bath, a therapy that involves sitting in hot water after every bowel movement to thoroughly clean the anal colon. Triphala powder, when added to warm water, enhances the healing capacity of fissure injuries.
  • High fiber formulations like isabgol, psyllium, errand tail, Berberis aristata, azadirachta indica, turmeric, and glycyrrhiza also proves beneficial in the treatment of anal fissure.
  • Guggulu preparations like kaishor gugullu, lakshadi guggulu, and shigru guggulu also bring good results in healing the injuries and discomfort caused due to a fissure.

In addition, the team and specialists at Parijatak take the holistic way of the healing anal fissure and other anorectal disease treatment Ayurveda Nagpur.

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