Get the Wellness from Karavellaka the Magical Ayurvedic Herb

करवेल्लमसकटूकंकटुपाककमवातलम दिपनंभेदनंतिक्तंअव्रुष्यंअहिमंलघु

हन्त्यरोचकपित्तास्त्रकफपान्डुव्रणक्रीमिन श्र्वासकासप्रेमहार्श: कोठकुष्टज्वरानपी

Karavellaka and its Features

Its botanical name is Momordica Charantia Linn.

According To Modern classification, Get the Wellness from Karavellaka the Magical Ayurvedic herb, Karavellaka belongs to kingdom Plantae, from Family Cucurbitaceae of the Order  Cucurbitales. According To Ayurveda, Charak, Sushruta, and Bhavprakash classified it into sakavarga.

Classification According to Samhita

Charaka Samhita-Tikta skanda

SushrutSamhita-Aragwadadhi Gana

Vagbhata-Aragwadadi Gana

Bhavaprakasha-Shaka Varga

Kaideva Nighantu-Oushadhi Varga

Shodhal Nighantu-Guduchyadi varga

Other names of it are Karela (Hindi), Bitter gourd, Balsam pear, Bitter melon (English), Karla, Uche (Bengali), Kareli (Gujarati), hagalakai (Kannada), Karle (Marathi), Kaippakka (Malayalam), Pavaikkari (Tamil) and Kakar (Telugu)

Sanskrit Name-



It is an annual herbaceous climber with branched tap root and aerial, climbing stem with tendrils; It is herbaceous and green. The leaves are simple, alternate, deeply 5 to 7 lobed, reticulate multicostate venation. The inflorescence is solitary monoecious. It bears male and female flowers which are yellow with five petals. The fruit is a dark green berry dehiscing by 3 valves, longitudinally ridged with rows of triangular tubercles. Seeds are compared and immersed in the bright red pulp.

The plant can be small or big, and grow as cultivated and wild varieties.

Properties (Gunadharma)

It has the following properties:

  • Rasa-Tikta, Katu
  • Vipak- Katu
  • Virya- Ushna
  • Guna-Laghu, Rooksha

Specific Parts: Panchanga, Fruit Skin.

Doshaghnata: Kapha- Pitta shaman.

It is very bitter (tikta rasa) to taste and is light to digest. The moistness of tissues gets absorbed after eating this vegetable and leaving the tissues dry. Hence, drinking a good amount of water is very essential.

Shloka’s On the Qualities of Karavellaka

करवेल्लमसकटूकंकटुपाककमवातलम दिपनंभेदनंतिक्तंअव्रुष्यंअहिमंलघु

हन्त्यरोचकपित्तास्त्रकफपान्डुव्रणक्रीमिन श्र्वासकासप्रेमहार्श: कोठकुष्टज्वरानपी

Benefits of Karavellaka


It is used in aruchi, agnimandya and amadosha as rochana, deepana and pachana. In yakridvikara, arsha and krimi as Pittasaraka, bhedana and krimighna.In shotha, raktavikara and kasa, shvasa. It is used to anartava and stanyadushti being artavajanana and stanyashodhana. It is also used in diabetes mellitus to stimulate function of pancreas and to reduce blood sugar level; also in udarda, kustha, jvara, medoroga, and in vishavikara.

The fruit is cut into small pieces and given to treat cases of fever.

Juice of Karavellaka at empty stomach in morning in a  dose of 20-25ml to control the sugar level.

The paste of Karvellaka leaf is applied over the eczema and wound to control the infection.It is also applied to external pile mass.

Fresh juice f Karvellaka fruit is advisiable in intestinal worm infestation,anorexia and liver disorders.Dose-15-20ml

Vegetable prepare with Karvellaka fruit is given in fever.

The juice of the fruit and leaves of karavellaka is given to treat conditions of amenorrhea and to purify the breast milk (as sthanyashodhana).

The juice of the fruit is consumed daily in a dose of 20-25 ml to detox the blood and act like a blood purifier. The fruit is used as a vegetable and is found in many cuisines all over the world.

Formulation (Kalp) from Karavellaka

Brihat Sarva Jwarahara Lauh

Aragwadhadi Kashaya

It is good for Kapha as Pittasamaka, Kaphahara.

The recommended dosage is 10 to 20 ml as Svarasa.

Research Corner for Wellness at Parijatak

A study is done to investigate blood glucose lowering effect of the Methanolic extract of the fruit of Momordicacharantia L. in alloxan- induced diabetic albino rats. There was an initial rise in Fasting blood glucose for one hour after administration of extracts followed by steep reductions. Significant reduction in FBG occurred at 2 hours for 125 mg/kg of extract, 375 mg/kg. of extract and metformin when compared to normal saline. The maximum percentage reduction in FBC, by both extracts, occurred between 3 and 12 hours post-dose.

Home Remedies from Karavellaka

  • Vatarakta (Gouty Arthritis): Ghee cooked with the juice of Karavellaka (Momordicacharanita) is useful in Vatarakta (Gouty arthritis).http://parijatak.com/detox-wellness-center/
  • Visucika (Cholera): The juice of Karavellaka (Momordicacharantia) mixed with oil relieves Visucika.

Side Effects-

Its excess use can leads to –

Diarrhea,abdominal pain,fever,hypoglycemia,chest pain,hyperacidity,and urinary incontinence.

Parijatak and its Wellness Treatment

Parijatak and its team of experts are known for harnessing nature’s best elements for the wellness of their patients. Trust the excellent formulation that they prepare for the goodness of all. Since they conduct research for the finding the benefits of such medicinally valuable herbs, they can suggest what is good for health. Visit Parajatak Ayurveda for the best wellness solution.

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