If you are diagnosed with this sugary disorder named diabetes mellitus, what should you do?

 Get Best Diabetes Treatment in India at Parijatak Ayurveda, Get panic-stricken, or stay under mental stress and depression? Not at all, because diabetes is not the end of your life- rather it is a beginning to achieve fitness and thus, attain victory over your metabolism.

Let’s find out how you can do it.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine – Diabetes

To achieve good control over blood sugar level, right diet and following a fitness regime is very important. Good control of sugar maintains the health of the person and also prevents the complication of the disease.

  • Dhanyavarga (Cereals): Yava (Hordeumvulgare) are very good for the diabetic patient. Different Yava preparations can be used eg. Mantha (drink prepared of roasted corn flour), Odana (boiled rice), Apoopa (sweet made by wheat flour and sugar fried in ghee), bread, Roti etc. Gehu(wheat), different varieties of rice such as Kangu (Setariaitalica), Shyamaka (Echinochloafrumentacea), Kodrava (Paspalumscrobiculatum), can also be given. Old rice (Jirna or PuranaShali) as one of the cereals, which can be given to the diabetic patient.
  • Shimbivarga (Pulses): Mudga (Vignaradiata Green gram) is the best, Chanak (Cicerarientium), Kulattha (Dolichosbiflorus),Adhaki (Cajanuscajan) etc. can be taken.
  • Shakavarga (Vegetables): All the types of bitter vegetables (Tikatarasatmka) eg. Karela (Momordicacharantia), Methi (Trigonellafoenum- graecum), Patola (Vietnamese luffa), Rasona (Allium sativum), Udumbara (Ficusracemosa) etc, are best for diabetic.
  • Haritavarga (Leafy vegetables):Katillaka (Momordicacharantia), Shigrupatra (Moringaoleifera), Lonika (Portulaceaoleracea), Dronapushpipatra (Leucascephalotes), Guduchipatra (Tinosporacardifolia), Kakamachipatra (Solanumnigrum), Vastuka can be given in madhumehi.
  • Phalavarga (Fruits): Lambu (Syzygiumcumini), Amalaki (Phyllantusemblica), Kapitha (Limoniaacidissima), Talaphala ,Kharjura(Phoenix sylvestris) etc. can be given.
  • Beeja (Seeds): Kamala (Nelumbonucifera), Utpala (Nymphoea stellate) seeds can be allowed.
  • Mamsavarga (Flesh): Ajamamsa (Goat), Shashaka (Rabbit), Harina (Deer), flesh of certain birds like Kapota, Titira etc. can be given.
  • Sura (Liquor): Old sura can be given.
  • Tailavarga (Oils): Sarshapa Taila (Mustard oil) is the best option. Tila can also be given.
  • Others: Takrapan-Buttermilk prepared by manthankirya is advisable.

According to Ayurveda, always took a light diet (laghuahar) throughout a day.

 How to Treat Diabetes Naturally

Follow the Fitness Regime. Do PATHYA VIHAR (EXERCISE).

Vigorous exercises cause the proper utilization of fat and to consume the glucose in the body. Hence, it is advisable for diabetic and obese patients under the supervision of Ayurveda expert. The methods can be changed in the present time according to habitat (Desha), and time (Kala). Some of the hard, productive exercises prescribed by Sushruta are as under: (1) Vyayama (exercise), (2) Niyuddha (Wrestling), (3) Kreeda (Games), (4) Gajacharya, Turagacharya, Padacharya to ride an elephant, horse, cart riding, walking etc.

There are other exercises according to the financial position and also according to their community. These are:

  1. For poor class – The diabetic person should walk for about 100 yojan (miles), barefooted, not staying more than one night in the settled place, should only eat the things available by begging and keeping restraint on his sense organs (adopt the lifestyle of Aptapurusha).
  2. For rich class- They should eat only Shyamaka (Echinochloafrumentacea), Kodrava (Paspalumscrobiculatum), etc., Amalaka (Phyllantusemblica), Kapitha (Limoniaacidissima), etc, and reside with the cattle. The foodstuff for them should be Ruksha or they may stay with the cows and eat the above
  3. For others- Yoga, Asanas, and Pranayam are beneficial for those involved in strenuous physical activities, such as farming or digging the well etc. Asanas like Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana etc, are recommended; Suryanamaskar is highly useful. All these asanas help to improve any sort of metabolism in the body.

How to Control Diabetes Naturally

Avoid APATHYAKAR AHAR AND VIHAR. Avoid the following when under diabetes treatment. According to Ayurveda.

  • Consumption of new rice, new cereals (navindhanya)
  • Excessive use of curd
  • Meat soup of the domestic, aquatic and marshy animals
  • New sura (liquor)
  • Products of gud or jiggery
  • All other kapha- prakopakahar- madhur, amla, and lavanrasatmakaahar
  • Guru aharsevan-excessive intake of food which are heavy to digest such as fried foods
  • Fermented food like idli, dosa
  • All types of bakery items like biscuits, bread
  • Excessive consumption of water.


  • Excessive sleep
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excessive Mental stress and strain
  • Day sleeping (Diwaswapna)
  • Night awakening (ratrijagaran)

Parijatak for Herbal Treatment for Diabetes India

Diabetes is not curable but it can be managed and the comorbidities can be minimized to a large extent with diagnosis and treatment at the right time. Follow the therapies and medication religiously if you want to win over this disease. Medicines prepared from the herbs for diabetes cure are quite effective and safe. Trust Parijatak Ayurveda – it is the best diabetes treatment in India using Ayurveda.

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