गाजर मधुरं तीक्ष्णं तीक्तोष्ण  दीपनं लघु  Ι

संग्राही रक्तपित्तार्शोग्रहनिकफवातजित  ΙΙ भा प्र

Botanical Name:Daucus carota. D.C

·         Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom –  Plantae

o   Order – Rubiales

o   Family – Rubiaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak        : Not mentioned in Varga
  • Sushruta : Not mentioned in Gana
  • Bhavprakash : Guducyadi Varga
  • Kaiyyadeva Nighantu-Oushadhi varga
  • Raja Nighantu-Moolakadi varga

§  Other Names

Arabic Name : Jazar, Istufleen, Nahshal, Subaat’iyya
Bengali Name : Gajar
Chinese Name : Hu luo bo
English Name : Carrot
French Name : Carotte cultivé
German Name : Karotte, Möhre
Gujarati Name : Gajar
Hindi Name : Gajar, Gajra
Kannada Name : Gajjari
Kashmiri Name : Gazer, Gazaer
Latin name : Daucus carota Linn.
Marathi Name : Gajar
Persian Name : Gazar, Zardak
Punjabi Name : Gajar
Urdu Name : Gajar,

Sanskrit Synonyms-


Naranga varnaka,Naraga kanda,Peetaka-the tuber is orange coloured

Yavaneshta-liked by westerners

Vartula-Cylindrical shape

Granthimoola-nodular tuber


  • General Information :

Carrot is a plant. The leaves and the part that grows underground (carrot root) are used for food. The part that grows underground is also used for medicine.

The main benefit from the carrot is its high content of the plant pigment carotene, this compound undergoes chemical conversion to form vitamin A in the liver – the vitamin A is in turn absolutely required for good vision. Carotene is also an important nutrient for the eye, as it acts to alleviate night blindness as well as general vision.

Habit- Herbaceous  annual, Stem- herbaceous, aerial, erect, solid and angular leaf- compound, triangular to oblong, alternate and petiolate. Inflorescence- Compound umbel. Flower- Comlete, bisexual have 5 petals and they are splitting into 2 mericarps. Fruit- A cremocarp splitting into 2 mericarps.

  • Properties (Gunadharma):
    • Rasa – Madhura (Sweet), Tikta (Bitter)
    • Vipak- Madhura
    • Virya – Ushna
    • Guna – Laghu ,Tikshna
  • Specific Parts:

Root, Seed

  • Doshaghnata:

Pittaghna, Kaphaghna.

  • Shlok:

      गाजर मधुरं तीक्ष्णं तीक्तोष्ण  दीपनं लघु  Ι

संग्राही रक्तपित्तार्शोग्रहनिकफवातजित  ΙΙ भा प्र

गृज्जन :कटूक:पाके तीक्ष्णोष्णस्तीक्तको लघु :l

विदाही दीपनो हृद्यो ग्राही रुक्षोsस्रपित्तकृत् l l

ग्राहण्यार्शोsनिलश्लेष्मदृकशुक्रारुचीजन्तुजित् l कै नि

  • Benefits :

It should be used in agnimandya, anaha, grahani, arsha and udara being deepana, snehana, vatanumomana ands malasangrahi. It is used in kasa and shvasa being Kaphanissaraka. The seed is advised as vajikarana. Its khandapaka should be given in mastishka and in vatavahini daurbalya. It should be used as ashmaribhedana, mootrala, artavajanana and garbhashya sankochaka.

Arsas ( Piles )

Curry cooked with garjara ( Daucus carota ) and dadima ( Punica granatum ) taken with ghee is very useful  in arsas  ( Piles ).

Atisara ( Diarrhoea )

Yusa ( Gruel ) prepared from  Garjara (Daucus carota ) is much beneficial in case of Atisara (Diarrhoea).

The seed of gajara is used as abortificant in early stages of pregnancy.

The fresh juice of Gajara is used to treat Irritable bowel syndrom .Dose-25-30ml

Daily eating of gajara prevents excess sweating.It also helps to control the bad odor due to sweat.

Slightly heated and peeled gajar re mixed with sugar candy .It helps to bring down the blood pressure in hypertensive patients

The cold infusion of carrots acts as a liver protector agents.

  • Gajara juice is known to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • It is helpful in maintaining colon health because it is rich in fiber
  • Inflamed kidneys, liver and gall bladder are soothed by gajara juice.

Improves Vision-

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene,which is converted in to Vitamin A in the liver.Vitamin A is transformed in the retina,to rhodpsin,a purple pigment necessary for night vision..Beta carotene  prevents the macular degenaration and senile cataracta.

Helps prevent cancer-

Studies shows that carrots reduce the risk of lung cancer,breast cancer and colon cancer

Antioxident Properties-

Beta carotene acts as antioxidant.It prevents the cell damage  and also slow down the process of aging.

Pramotes healthier skin-

Vitamin A prevents premature wrinkling,acne,dry skin,pigmentation,blemishes and uneven skin tone.

Prevents heart diseases-

carrots contain beta carotene,alpha carotene and lutein helps in prevention of heart disease.

Cleanses the body-

Vitaamin A assists the liver in flushing out the toxins from the body.It reduces the bile and fat in the liver.The fiber present in carrots helps clean out the colon and hasten waste movement

Protects teeth and gums-

Carrots scrape off plaque and food particles.Carrots stimulate gums and trigger lot of saliva.The mineral in carrots prevents tooth damage.

  • Dosage :

Svarasa – 20 to 40 ml.

Beeha Choorna – 1 to 3 gm.


Abana Tablets

Pause casules

  • Research Corner :

A study is done to fractionate and analyze the chemical composition of the Daucus Carota oil extract fractions and to evaluate their antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties invitro and in Vivo. The results showed that there is presence of himachelen 6-01. Flavonoids and phenolics. The study revealed that carrot is possessing significant antioxidant and that carrot is possessing significant antioxidant and shebaby .




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