Foot Ulcers And Ayurveda-

This is commonly seen in patient with poor controlled of sugar level.It is commonly seen under big toes and balls of feet.This can also affect feet down to the bone. the reason behind that is breaking done of  skin tissue  and exposing the layers underneath.

If this foot ulcers are neglected then it will lead infection in that area .And amputation of that part is the only one solution of that infected ulcer. So it is necessary to take good care of foot ulcer.


  • Drainage from your foot that might stain your socks or leak out in your shoe.
  • Pain in foot
  • Unusual swelling, irritation, redness, and odors from one or both feet
  • black tissue (called eschar) surrounding the ulcer.
  • Partial or complete gangrene
  • numbness in foot



  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • poor  blood circulation
  • nerve damage
  • irritated or wounded feet
  • Crack foot is one of the common site for inection
  • Dry skin also responsible for foot ulcer


  • poorly fitted or poor quality shoes
  • poor hygiene (not washing regularly or thoroughly)
  • improper trimming of toenails
  • alcohol consumption
  • eye disease from diabetes
  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • obesity
  • tobacco use (inhibits blood circulation)
  • diabetic foot ulcers are also most common in older men.


  • Maintain the proper hygiene of foot .
  • Wear diabetic shoes for prevention.
  • Maintain the sugar level in controlled manner.


  • Guggulu tiktaka kasayam
  • Aragvadadi kasayam
  • Maha manjistadi kasayam
  • Nimbadi kasayam –
  • Nisottamadi kasayam


  • Guggulu tiktaka ghrtam –
  • Hanvantara ghrtam –
  • Durvadi ghrtam –


  • Laksa curnam –


  • Trphala guggulu
  • Kanchanar guggul


  • Triphala kwath for dhavan
  • Naipamaradi ksalanam (30 ml of kasaya mixed with 100 ml of hot water and washing the ulcers with kasaya.)
  • Durdurapatradi tailam + jatyadi ghrtam external application is very good.
  • Yasti curnam, tankana curnam for cleaning
  • Shatdhaut Ghrut for local application
  • Mahatiktakam lepam for local application
  • Head of the bed should be raised 8 inches.
  • Legs are kept at below heart level, so that the blood flows through the arteries.

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