Eye Treatment in Nagpur

Eye Treatment in Nagpur

Eye Treatment in Nagpur: Severe or unattended ophthalmic disorders often diminish the eye sights for a life time. If care is not taken right when the problem arises, it can leave a person with a defunct pair of eyes for the rest of their lives. Ayurveda has a natural and holistic approach to some very complicated eye problems. With the use of a couple of herbs and fruits, Ayurvedic clinics for eye treatment in Nagpur have cured problems such as shortsightedness and contagious eye infections with very rare relapses.

If this record interests you, then here are the names of some of the medication that comprise the Ayurvedic treatment courses.

Amla: Amla can be both had and applied to the eyes for better vision. Doctors recommend 20 ml of amla juice every day to improve eye sight. Amla oil can also be applied over the eyes for the same outcome.

Triphala: With Tripahala, Ayurvedic doctors have treated conditions like conjunctivitis to glaucoma and even cataracts. Even progressive myopia can be controlled with triphala. The herb nourishes the ophthalmic nervous network and tissues in the eyeballs. With medicated ghee, it reverts the vata dosha.

Medicated Ghee: Most people do not subscribe to the idea of ingesting ghee as a medication because of its fatty content. Instead of having a scoop of medicated ghee every day and adding to the weight, doctors recommend rubbing it on the soles of feet to get clearer vision.

Bhringraj: The benefits of Bhringaraj are the same as amla. One can be used in place of another to improve eye sight. A paste made out bhringaraj herb can help treat poor vision.

Black Pepper: Another effective treatment of myopia and hypermetropia is black pepper. Ayurvedic eye treatment in Nagpur often comprises of a mix of black pepper and honey.

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