Essence of Ayurveda for Kidney Stones

Get to Know the Ayurvedic Remedies for Kidney Stones

Essence of Ayurveda for Kidney Stones is an important organ of the human body that functions to filter minerals and waste products from the blood while maintaining the overall fluid balance, regulating the blood pressure and stimulating the production of red blood cells.   A minor disturbance in the functioning due to the build-up of waste products or excess of fluid leads to various kidney diseases that further disturbs the overall functioning of the human system. One such kidney disease is Kidney Stone also known as Renal Stone.

A kidney stone is a hard mineral material formed due to crystallization of waste materials in the urine that further leads to blocking of the urinary tract causing pain and acute discomfort. According to Ayurveda, the kidney stone is known as “Vrukka Ashmari” or “Mutra Ashmari”. In the terms mentioned ‘Vrukka’ means ‘Kidney, ‘Mutra’ means ‘Urine’ and Ashmari means ‘Stone’. This condition is caused due to an imbalance or aggravation of three doshas known as Vata, Pitta, Kapha. These are biological energies that when combined with the toxins formed in the urine due to improper diet and lifestyle leads to the formation of hard crystalline material that is medically termed as ‘Stone’.

This age-old science of holistic healing also defines some of the best toning and rejuvenating natural preparations and procedures as Renal Stone Ayurvedic treatment Nagpur.

  • Shodhana Karmas: This is a therapy to expel the impaired doshas from the human system and leads to elimination of the solid crystalline mass from the kidney or the urinary tract the type of Shodhana that are put to use as Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease in Nagpur are Niruha, Vamana, Kaya Reka, Shiro Reka and Asra visruti. If the procedure goes well, it strengthens the organ and also stabilizes the urine channel.
  • Shaman Karmas: This is a therapy to balance the impaired doshas and recreate the optimal fluid balance in the kidney through various herbal concoctions.

Further to these therapies, there are other ayurvedic remedies that are proven beneficial for treating Essence of Ayurveda for Kidney Stones:

  • A blended mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is beneficial in a way that it creates a greasy area for the stone to pass through urine.
  • A mixture of coke and asparagus is beneficial in the way that it dissolves the stone.
  • Uva Ursi is a wonderful remedy for a kidney stone and also improves the functioning of the kidney as well as the urinary tract.
  • Punarnava is an excellent tonic for kidney and heart. It is known for its diuretic, carminative and anti-inflammatory properties that work to remove stone while giving a boost to the functioning of the kidney.
  • Pashanbhed is known for its powerful stone-breaking ability that functions to crush and penetrate the kidney stone while further cleansing the urinary bladder, inhibiting crystallization of minerals and reliving the symptoms of various similar disorders.
  • Gokshur is a proven remedy for various infections and disorders taking place in the kidney as well as the urinary tract. The herb promotes the flow of urine while helping break down or dissolves the stone.
  • Pomegranate juice works to improve the overall functioning of the kidney and helps flush out all the toxins from the urinary system.

These are just a few; there are still many more that works not only as a perfect and natural alternative to Allopathic Treatment for Kidney Stones Nagpur but also cater to provide Ayurvedic Chronic Kidney Treatment in Nagpur. Connect to Parijatak for the best cure for kidney stone through natural remedies and cures.

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