Learn about Erythema Nodosum

“Subacutemogratory panniculitis of vilnava” Erythema Nodosum Treatment is a type of inflamed skin that mainly occurs in the fatty layer of skin. Erythema nodosum results in pain, reddishness of affected area and formation of tender lumps that are mostly observed on a knee. The lumps formed may be small ranging from 1 cm to 5 cm. In addition, the inflated fatty layer of skin can result in nodular swelling.

Most of the times, the condition of erythema nodosum can limit on its own with the self-defending system of the human body even if no medication is taken. It can resolve after its maturation time which normally 3 -6 weeks.  The location where the fatty layer of skin got affected may leave a sort of identification of damage due to inflammation. It is found that erythema nodosum is a kind of hypersensitivity reaction by a body and it can occur due to some other underlying medical condition.

Symptoms of Erythema Nodosum

A person could experience one or multiple symptoms at once in case of erythema nodosum.

  • Irritable, inflammation of the skin, occurrence of reddishness on the skin, rounded lumps called as nodules emerge on the skin. These signs appear in the subcutaneous layer of skin and can be seen at any part of the body, but are most commonly found on limbs.
  • The primitive stage is followed by a flu-like condition that causes fever, cough, joint pains, a stiffness of mussels, sore throat, weight loss, stomach pain, diarrhoea, fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Bleeding in the subcutaneous layer of skin can also experience thought it is a haemorrhage condition of erythema nodule and is hence seen less often.

Causes of Erythema Nodosum

Erythema nodosum can be associated with many situations. Some of them are well known, while some of them are rare.

  • Some bacterial infections like streptococcus that is a gram-positive bacterium and commonly affects children can lead to the condition of erythema nodosum in infants.
  • “Mycobacterium Tuberculosis” bacteria, which cause tuberculosis disease, can show the signs of erythema nodosum in its primary stage.
  • Infection by campylobacter, salmonella mycoplasma pneumonia can also result in erythema nodosum
  • Fungal infection such as Coccidioidomycosis in the respiratory tract can be one of the reasons for this condition.
  • The increased estrogen level in the body during pregnancy can sometimes cause erythema nodosum.

Natural Remedies For Erythema Nodosum India

Erythema nodosum treatment India comprises a huge spectrum of combination encompassing various natural and Ayurvedic medicines along with certain effective Ayurvedic therapies. Some of the known remedies include:

  • It is believed that the condition occurs due to contaminated blood, so the perfect erythema nodosum cure is a medication formula prepared using Nimba (lemon), pathya and gopangama. This formula is recommended 3 times a day, before meals.
  • Kaisoraguggulu comprising of ingredients like ghrita ,triphala, aureeta, water, prasthaguduchi, vidanga, guggulu, pala, trikalu, pepper, ginger, danti, gilaydhanvati is an effective erythema nodosum natural treatment India.
  • Nimbamritadi, herbal oil cures the common skin irritations and rheumatoid arthritis.

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