Durva Plant

दुर्वा: कषाया मधुराश्र्च शिता: पित्ततृषारोचकवान्तिहन्त्र्य |

सदाहमुचर्छ्राग्रहभूतशान्तिश्र्लेश्मश्रमध्वंसनतृप्तीश्र्च | रां. नी.

Botanical Name:  Classification:Cynodondactylon. Pers.

According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Cyperales

Family     –Yava Kula [Gramineae]

According To Ayurveda

Other Names :

Sanskrit – Shataparva ,Durva

Hindi – Doob

Bengali – Durva

Punjabi- Dubda

Marathi – harali

Gujarathi – dhro

Tamil – arugam

Telgu – goriyagaddi

Kannada – Garikehullu


General Information:

Hinduism, Durva(Doob) is one of the most sacred plant, only second to Tulsi. It is a plant used in numerous religious ceremonies since Vedic times as well as for medicinal purpose in Indian Ayurvedic medicine system. On DurvashtamiVrat (in Bhado), Hindu women worship Durva and fast. The rings made of this grass is worn during Hom, Puja and Yagya. Durva is also offered to Lord Ganesh during worshiping. It is one of the ten auspicious herbs that constitute the group Dashapushpam in Ayurveda.

Properties (Gunadharma)


Vipak- Madhura.

Virya- Sheeta.


Type of Plant :

Sheta and Neela

Raja Nighantu has classified Durva in to-Neela durva,Shweta Durva,Maalaa Durva,Gandaali Doorva

Specific Parts :


Shloka’s :

दुर्वा: कषाया मधुराश्र्च शिता: पित्ततृषारोचकवान्तिहन्त्र्य |

सदाहमुचर्छ्राग्रहभूतशान्तिश्र्लेश्मश्रमध्वंसनतृप्तीश्र्च | रां. नी.

दुर्वा शीता कषाया च रक्तपित्तकफापहा l

अनुपत्रा कषाया च शीतला श्लेष्मवातलाl l

दर्म:शरो नलश्चैव तथा दुर्वात्रयं समम्l

स्वादुतिक्त कषायाणी पित्तश्लेष्महराणी च l

दाहतृष्णास्त्रविसर्प रक्तपित्तl पहानि च l l ध नि

Benefits :

It is chhardighna and trishnanigrahaka and stambhaka so it is used in niramavastha  ofchhardi, atisara, pravahika and arsha.

Paste of Durva should be applied locally in raktapitta and at bleeding as it is raktastambhaka  in nature.

Paste of Durva should be  used internally in upadansha.


  • Bermuda grass nutrition facts: Durva (Burmuda grass)is rich in calcium, phosphorous, potash, potassium, sodium, manganese, protein, enzymes, carbohydrate, fiber, flavonoids and alkaloids.
  • Doob grass for menstrual problems: Durva Swaras is used in case of prolonged menstruation. It is suggested that to control heavy menstrual period, one has to take the juice of bermuda grass and honey 3-4 times a day.
  • Bermuda grass for acidity: Durva swaras (3-4 tsp) and water (1 glass)in empty stomach in the morning should be given in Acidity
  • It is also given for stomach ulcer, colitis, and stomach infections.
  • doob grass juice (3-4 tsp) with little amount of ginger powder in empty stomach in the morning should be given in stomach pain. It increases the alkaline properties because of its alkaline nature and reduces acidity.
  • Doob grass controls sugar: In many recent researches, it has been proved that Durva has hypoglycemic effect thus helpful in controlling of blood sugar levels and reduces fatigue.
  • Durva is also beneficial in prevention of disorders and conditions associated with diabetes.
  • Durva swaras with neem leaf juice is good in normalizing blood sugar level.
  • Even for chronic diabetes, the drinking of doob grass juice keeps the sugar levels in control. Drinking the juice empty stomach in the morning is good in normalizing the sugar level.
  • Doob grass for stress management: Walking on the Durva grass is a great stress reliever.
  • Paste of Durva on the sole of the feet gives relieves from stress
  • Edema and Bermuda grass: Decoction of Durva root is given in treatment of Edema.

Dose-10 ml twice a day

  • Syphilis – dried powder of Durva (1/2 tsp) with warm water (1 cup) should be given in treatment of syphillis
  • diarrhea: decoction of water melon (3 tsp) and durva  (3 tsp) should be given in the treatment of diarrhoea.
  • Dose-1/2 cup twice a day
  • wounds: Durva  is best remedy for wound healing.  paste of Durva (2tsp) and garlic (1/2 tsp) should be applied over the wound and bandage it
  • For blood purification – Decoction of Durva,betel and black powder in the ratio of 4:2:1. Should be prepared.This is given in a dose of 20 ml for blood purification
  • improve female fertility – Durva swaras should be used in menorrhagia (excess bleeding during menstrual cycle), irregular menstrual cycle, and habitual abortion (repeated abortion).
  • It is also given in PCOS .
  • It also prevents abortion and strengthens the uterus.
  • Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)– Durva  has cooling properties. It increases the urine output and soothes the inner layers of bladder. It helps to reduce inflammation of mucosal layer of bladder in Cystitis and UTI
  • Durva grass for digestive ailments: – Ayurveda acharyas strongly recommend this herb in digestive ailments like vomiting, excess thirst, diarrhoea, dysentery, haemorrhoids etc.
  • In conjunctivitis,the fresh juice of Durva is used as a eye drop.It helps in reduction of reddness and burning sensartion of eyes.
  • Juice of Durva is also recommanded in psycho-somatic disoders and epileptic seizures.Dose-15-20ml
  • Nasya of Durva swaras is recommanded in Nasal bleeding.
  • Cold infusion of Durva is recommanded in burning micturation.Dose-50-60ml
  • The fresh juice of Durva is recommanded in a dose of 30-40ml in scorpion bite which nullify the effect of poison.



Doshagantha :

Kapha- Pittasamaka

Dosage :

Powder – 1  to 3 gm.

Chemical Composition:

Flowers contain tannin, sugar, red colour, B Sistesterol, gallic and elagic acids and heckogenin.

Home Remedies with Durva :

Take few strands of durva grass and wash them properly with clean water. Make a fine paste by adding few drops of water. Apply this paste on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding and hasten the healing process.

Prepare the paste as said above and mix it with a glass of water water. Consume this daily to keep your energy level up and to rejuvenate the whole body.


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