Draksharishta(Sharngadhara Samhita)

Draksharishta(Sharngadhara Samhita)


Kwath Dravya-

  • Vitis vinefera( Draksha)-2.4kg

Prakshepa dravya-

  • Piper nigrum (Maricha)-48gm
  • Piper longum(Pippali)-48gm
  • Embelia ribes (Vidanga)-48gm
  • Elettaria cardamomum (ELA)-48gm
  • Cinnamomum verum (Twak)48gm
  • Cinnamomum tamala (Pathra)-48gm
  • Mesua ferrea (Nagakesara)-48m
  • Callicarpa macrophylla-Priyangu-48gm
  • Woodfordia fructicosa-Dhataki-384gm
  • Guda-Jaggery-9.6kg
  • Water-49.152 liters

kwath dravya soaked in water for overnight. and then kashaya is prepared by boiling the solution .Reduced it till 1/4th.Add given amount of jaggery in this decoction and dissolved it completely .Fiter it .Add prakshepa dravyas in it add mix it properly.Kept this solution in air tight container for 30 days for fermentation.Ater fermentation filter it and used it

Ref. Text book

Sarngadharasamhita, MAdhyamakhandam, Adhyayam 10


  • Recommended in general debility, cough, asthamatic complaints and other respiratory tract disoders like cough,cold. Build up health, cures piles, sprue syndrome etc. it is a good laxative.

Dosage :

  • 25 to 30 ml. 3-4 times daily.


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