Discover Ayurvedic Cure for Medial Meniscal Tear

Parijatak Offers the Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Meniscal Tear

Discover Ayurvedic Cure for Medial Meniscal Tear, the human body is truly amusing. There are rubbery bands of think cartilage, which is attached to your shinbone, and they are holding your knees together, stabilizing them. The medial meniscal is actually present in the inner side of the knee and though it’s designed to absorb the shocks, it sometimes tears up when there is too much pressure being put upon it.

Now, a tear can heal on its own with time or through a surgery if it in the in ‘red zone’. In fact, you can adopt the ayurvedic remedies to recover from it, but before that (if you haven’t consulted a doctor yet for your diagnoses), here is a simple movement test that can confirm if you have a medial meniscal tear:

  • Bend the knee you are feeling pain and stiffness into a 90-degree angle.
  • Slowly rotate the lower part of your leg in both the inside and outside directions.

If you feel pain inside your knee while rotating your lower leg, then there are higher chances that it is a case of a positive medial meniscal tear.

Some of the Ayurvedic medicines to cure medial meniscal tear

Dhanvantaram Kashayam

This medicine is prepared using more than 30 useful herbs which help in healing different parts of the body. It is recommended to consume it in the equal dosage of 60 ml before food, in the morning and at night. The other benefits of this medicine include:

  • Treats arthritis conditions like numbness, swelling, and pain in hands and feel
  • Useful to cure the gynecological diseases
  • Excellent to cure nervous diseases like facial paralysis, antarayama, and palliative in paraplegia
  • Effective against problems like lower back pain
  • Helps to cure fever, indigestion, strained micturition, hydrocele and vaginal ailments

Nagaradi Lepa Chooranam

The powder is not to be consumed but is applied to the affected area by creating a paste of it. You can mix it with the hot water or tender coconut shell juice to make a thick paste that can be applied to the knees where you feel the pain. The powder is prepared by combining 7 different kinds of herbs in the specified quantities.

It has a shelf life of 6 months and it will help you heal the inflammatory swelling, ligament, tendon injury and bone.

Laksa Guggulu

The medicine comes in the form of a pill and is prepared by combining 5 different types of herbs with Guggulu. It is recommended to be consumed regularly three times a day, after the consumption of meals. It is also beneficial in the following cases:

  • To treat osteoporosis
  • To fasten the healing process from a fractured bone
  • To calm Vata, one of the Tridoshas

For any type of arthritis pain relief, Parijatak offers a complete course of treatment with the therapies, procedures, and best treatment for arthritis. The Ayurvedic Treatment Meniscus Tear Nagpur is associated with personalized care and taken care under the shelter of Parijatak.


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    Can horizontal meniscus tear be treated if it’s in red zone as well as red white zone

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