Diabetes and Ayurveda – A Holistic Approach to Healing

Diabetes is a chronic health condition associated with increased blood glucose caused due to inadequate insulin production or body’s inefficiency to respond to insulin, Best diabetes treatment in India. Insulin is a major component of human blood released from the pancreas and functions to transport glucose to all body cells and tissues. When the production is low or when a body does not respond to insulin, blood fails to carry glucose to different body parts and hence hamper the normal body functioning. The warning signs and symptoms include frequent urination, excessive hunger, sudden weight loss, blurred vision, dry skin, and itchiness. 

Ayurveda for diabetes defines the medical condition as Madhumeha that means ‘Sweet Urine’. This indicates that when the sugar level in the blood rises above an optimal level it spills out from the body in the form of sweet urine. The condition is also known as Prameha with recognition of twenty different types in the ancient science of Ayurveda further categorized into Sadhya that means curable, Yapya that means pliable, and Asadhya that means incurable.

When it comes to Ayurvedic line of treatment, the team of experts and specialists at Parijatak masters the art of how to control diabetes naturally. The most preferred Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes include Indian gooseberry, olive oil, gingko, okra, neem, fenugreek, cinnamon, holy basil, Gymnema, turmeric, Salacia reticulate, and Eugenia jambolana. In addition, Parijatak also provides a host of Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes that includes therapies like Panchkarma, Basti, Udavartana, Vamana & Virechana, and yoga therapy.

If diabetes is what troubling you and causing severe painful symptoms, come to parijatak and enjoy a holistic system of diabetes treatment naturally.

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