Botanical Name-
Datura Metal
Hindi Name-Dhatura
English name-Thorn apple,jimson weed,devil’s trumtet

Part Used-Seed,leaf,lower

Chemical composition-Hyoscyamine,scopolamine
Therapeutic dose-30-125mg
Fatal Dose-
Raw seed-100-125
For children-4mg

Adverse reactions-
Inhibition of salivation,bitterness and dryness of mouth,redness of face,pupil dilation

Yashtimadhu kwath and other madhu dravya is used to induce vomting then milk is given with sugar

1.Kanakasava-Used in Shwasa-kasa
2.Laxmivilasa Rasa-Sannipataj Jwar
3.Brihatkanaksundar Rasa-Used in Pittatisar
4.Kanaksunder Rasa-Used in grahani,jwar,tivratisar
5.Mahajwarankush Rasa-Used in visham jwar
6.Kanakprabha vati-Used in atisar,grahani,jwar
7.Tribhuvankirti Rasa-Used in jwar
8.Pralapantaka Rasa-Used in Pralap,agnimandya
9.Unmata rasa-Used in sannipataj jwar
10.Unmadgajkeshari Rasa-Used in unmad jwar

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