धत्तुरो मदवर्नाग्निवताक्रुद ज्वरकुष्टनुत Ι

कषायोमधुरस्तिक्तो यूकालीक्षावीनाशक : Ι

उष्णो गुरुर्व श्लेष्म क न्डू क्रिमी विषा पह : ΙΙ

Botanical Name :Datura metel Linn.

·         Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom –Plantae

o   Order –Solanales

o   Family     –Salanaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak–Not Included in Varga
  • Sushruta- Not included in Gana
  • Bhavprakash-GuducyadiVarga

§  Other Names

  • Hindi Name – SadaDhattura
  • English Name – Thorn apple, Devil’s trumpet, Metel
  • Telugu Name – Ummetta
  • Tamil Name – Ummattangani/Vella-Ummathai
  • Bengal Name – Dhattura
  • Gujarati, Marathi Name – Dhattura
  • Urdu Name –Dhattura
  • Kannada Malayalam Name – Unmatta, Dhattura
  • Arabian Name – Datur
  • Farsi Name – Tatur
  • Sanskrit Names
  • Kanaka,Kaakahvya-seeds are golden yellow in colour
  • Dhurta,Umatta,Matula-having hallucinating effect
  • Shivapriya-Flowers are used in worshiping Lord Shiva
  • Matulaputraka

  • General Information :

Habit- a large herb giving a bushy look. Attains 3 feet height. Root- very long and thick whitish in colour . stem- stout, erect branching repeatedly. Leaves- Large and angular,10 to 15 long, warsely toothed margin, veins are very strong. Upper surface is dark green and under surface is paler.,

Flower- large attractive , 8 cm long with a long tubular calyx.

Corolla is funnel shaped white or varied colour. Furit- Large capsule,

with numerous sharp spines, brownish seeds.

  • Types Of Plant’s
  • Raja, Krishna, shvetadhattoora
  • Rajanighantu explained 5 varieties of Dhatura-Shweta(white),Neela(blue),krishna(black),Rakta(red) and Peet(yellow)
  • The species of Dhatura available are-Datura metal,Dhatura stramonium and Dhatura innoxia Mill
  • Properties (Gunadharma)
    • Rasa-Laghu, Rooksha
    • Vipak-Katu
    • Virya-Ushna
    • Guna-Tikta, Katu


  • Specific Parts
  • Leaf, flower, seed, root
  • Doshaghnata
  • VatakaphaSamaka, Kaphahara
  • Shloka’s

धत्तुरो मदवर्नाग्निवताक्रुद ज्वरकुष्टनुत Ι

कषायोमधुरस्तिक्तो यूकालीक्षावीनाशक : Ι

  उष्णो गुरुर्व श्लेष्म क न्डू क्रिमी विषा पह : ΙΙ


धत्तुर: कटूरुष्णश्च कान्तिकारी व्रनार्तीनुत्l

कुष्ठानि हन्ति लेपेन प्रभावेण ज्वरं जयेत् l l

त्वगदोष कच्छ्र कंडूतिज्वहारी भ्रमावह :l ध .नि

  • Benefits
  • Twakvikara (skin disease)
  • Local application of juice of Dhattura (Datura metal ) is very useful in eczema and ringworm infestation.
  • Krimi (Worm Infestation)
  • Juice of Dhattura (Datura metal) leves is an excellent remedy for Krimi (Worm infestation).
  • It has been used to treat respiratory problems.It has chemicals like scopolamine and atropine in it ,which are used as sedatives and sometimes helps in curing of motion sickness, nausea and dizziness.
  • Datura has been used in Ayurveda for asthma symptoms where jimson weed’s leaves are smoked in cigarette or pipe.
  • Juice of datura is applied over the scalp to treat har fall,hair loss and dandruff.
  • Paste of roasted leaves is applied over area of pain .It releives the pain.
  • Jimson weed is used to treat spasm of bronchitis in asthma.
  • External application of paste of Dhatura seed is advisiable in the treatment of fistula and abscesses.
  • Seeds and leaves of Dhatura possess antiasthematic,antispasmodic,hypnotic and narcotic
  • Datura leaves contains hyoscyamine and atropine which is used for mind altering.
  • Oil extract from Dhatura seed is used to treat baldness.It helps in growth of hairs.
  • Paste of Dhatura leaves is applied over the head which releives headache.
  • Steam of Dhatura leaves is used to relieve arthritis.
  • Smoke of Dhatura leaves is given in asthma and bronchitis.
  • ethanol extract obtained from Dhatura leaves possess acaricidal ,repellent and oviposition  deterrent properties against mites
  • Dhatura leaves are also used to treat heart problems like palpitation and hypertension.
  • Juice of Dhatura is used to treat earache
  • poultice of Dhaturaleaves is applied over boils.


  • Formulation (Kalp)
  • Kanakasundara, Mahajvarankush,
  • Panchavaktra, Kanakasav, Sootashekhara,
  • vishgarbh tail
  • Dhurdhurpatradi Tailam


  • Dosage
  • Beejapatrachoorna – 50 to 100 mg.
  • Dhoomapana[Smoking] – 0.3 to 1 gm.

Dhatura Shodhana-

Seeds of Dhatura is tied in clean cloth.This is suspended and kept dipped in avessel containing cow milk.It is boiled in cow milk for 3 hours.This processs is called as Swedana.after 3 hours wash the Datura seed with water and dried it

  • Chemical Composition.
  • The root contains mainly scopolamine and to some extent hyosciamine, atropine and norhyosciamine. The seed contains 18 pc. Of fixed oil. Krishnadhattora has hyosciamine and chlorogenic acid.
  • Research Corner

Phytochemical investigation of the leaves of Datura metal Linn.Led to the isolation of a new pyrrole derivative I which was characterized as 2 beta-i-methethylpentanoate on the basis of spectral data analysis and chemical reactions. Compound I was endowed  with antifungal activity and its MIC was found to be 87.5 microg/ml. Two proteins having molecular weights of 42 and 58 KD o Aspergillus fumigates are potential targets for compound.


 Side Effects-

Dhatura is poisonous plant.so it should be taken only after Doctor’s advice

It is also used for suicidal purpose and murder purpose

Dhatura increases heart beat and may lead to cardiac arrest

Dhatura intake can cause dilatation of eyes

It affects the nervous system

Blurred vision,nausea,giddiness,confusion,rapid pulse,hyperthermia are the side effects of Dhatura.


Stomach wash with Potassium permanganate solution(1:10,000) and 5% tannic acid solution.

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