depressive disorder

Depression- A stark and mental disorder

DepressionA major depressive disorder

Depression– “A small word but affected a lot.”

Feeling down or hopeless on a daily basis, then you could be dealing with Depression.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It is described as feelings of sadness, loss or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. Major Depression can cause a variety of symptoms, it can affect your mood and body or it may also be ongoing or, come and go.

Anxiety- Intense, excessive and continuously worry, fear about every day’s situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and feeling tired all the time may occur. Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations. Anxiety is only a sign of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfere with daily living. Ayurveda recommends a healthy diet, proper lifestyle and use lots of herbs to treat Anxiety. When people suffer from Anxiety, they may feel that even simplest daily situation are too much for them.

People experience Depression and Anxiety in different ways it may interrupt your daily work, resulting in lost time and lower productivity. It can also influence your relationships and some chronic health conditions. It slowly takes peace and calmness from the person’s life where they forget all the happiness. It slowly takes peace and calmness from the person’s life where they forget all the happiness.

A condition that can worsen during Depression

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Muscular disease
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes

Depression is considered as a serious mental condition that can get worse without proper treatment. Those who prefer treatment often see improvements in just a few weeks.

So, how can we get rid out of this???

There is a saying- The efforts to do the small things is huge, the pressure to do anything is even bigger.

Yes, here we are talking about Ayurveda. By the help of Ayurveda, you can get rid out of depression. So let see how?

How Ayurveda works in depression

According to ancient India Ayurveda have powers to get rid from any type of disease. During depression, your hormones are not capable anymore to handle many situations, hence, putting you in different moods. Some Ayurveda herbs and spices have proved to help reduce depression. Ayurveda herbs can heal your body in many ways. As per the Ayurveda concept, Prana vayu affects the functioning of the nervous system causes mental imbalance. Hence Ayurveda treatment for Depression and Anxiety focus on to regain normal functions.

  • Understand that Depression and Anxiety is not your fault.
  • Discover positivity towards life.
  • Start caring yourself.
  • Understand your inner and outer strength.

Ayurveda herbal remedies for depression

1. Ashwangandha

Ashwangnadha is used to reduce stress and anxiety due to the presence of active compounds. These properties help in reducing stress caused by emotional and physical fatigue. It also balances out the constant mood swings and increases mental peace, focus and concentration. It helps to restore the normal physiological functioning. Ashwangandha can be consumed in powdered form or as a liquid.

2. Brahmi

Brahmi is a small and everlasting herb that has an age old reputation of curing stress. Brahmi acts as a nontoxic, which simply means that it helps the body adapt to new or stressful situations. When consumed, it is used to increase the serotonin levels in the brain that help the mind keep calm and give relief from anxiety and nervousness.

3. Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Jatamansi is a everlasting herb that helps curing insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is also known for its anti-depressant, anti-stress and anti-tiredness properties. The jatamansi are used for the medicinal purposes in Ayurveda which are known to give a therapy effect to mood swings and stress disorders. Jatamansi can reduce negative thoughts by channelizing the energies of the mind in the right direction.

4. Pudina (Peppermint)

Pudina or peppermint has been used for centuries to cure nervous system disorders due to the presence of menthol as it helps calm the nerves and has a cooling effect. It is loaded with vitamin A and C, minerals including magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, copper and potassium. Mint helps cure insomnia by keeping your mind calm and lets you sleep in peace. 

5. Maca (Peruvian Ginseng)

Maca also known as Peruvian ginseng is a herb that is full with nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, various minerals that increase stamina and decrease excessive anxiety. A maca herbs that belongs to the radish family, maca has proved to be a natural healer that helps hormone production due to the presence of adaptogen. Additionally, maca is a natural energizer and helps people overcome depression.

  Ayurveda therapy for depression

Abhyangam: Abhyangam therapy increases blood circulation to remove metabolic wastes and harmful toxins from the body. It includes full body massage with medicated herbal oils. It raises the level of physiological or nervous activity, which leads to reduction in Stress, Anxiety and Depression. In this therapy, therapist apply herbal oils over the whole body. This therapy boosts Immunity and leads to preventing Stress and Depression. It is also very effective against Insomnia, Paralysis, Arthritis.

Nasyam: Nasyam is a part of Panchakarma therapy and it includes the administration of medicated oils or drugs through nostrils. This treatment raises the essential center of the brain to overcome problem such as Stress, Anxiety and Depression. The therapy starts with a facial massage or steam to the face, forehead, ears and neck. A therapist applies herbal oils and powders through nasal route, which then spread through blood circulation and nervous system into the areas present around the nostrils. It unblocks the energy levels and gets rid of Depression, Anxiety, and Headache. Moreover, it boosts your Immune system.

Padabhyangam: This Ayurveda massage involves the stimulation of vital pressure points. This massage promotes mental calmness and relieves Stress and Anxiety. By the help of herbal oils this leads to the improvement in blood circulation in the lower leg. It also prevents muscle cramps and swelling.

Pizhichil: pizhichil treatment includes the squeezing of warm medicated oils to help both physical and mental Stress. The Depression building up in the system due to various factors, which can be effectively reduced by this Ayurveda treatment. Pizhichil rejuvenates the body and boosts the functioning of the nervous system and immune system. It reduces Tension, Anxiety, Depression.

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