दंतीद्वयं सरं पाके रसे च कटु दिपनम ।

गुंदाकुराश्मशुलार्श:कंडूकुष्ठविदाहनुत ।

तीक्ष्णोष्नं हन्ति पित्तास्त्रकफशोफोदरक्रिमीन ।।भ. प्र

Botanical Name :Boliospermum montanum Muell.

·         Classification:

§  According To Modern

o   Kingdom –            Plantae

o   Order –     Malpighiales

o   Family     –            Euphorbiaceae

§  According To Ayurveda

  • Charak – Bhedaniya, Moolini,Virechana
  • Sushruta – Syamadi, Adhobhagahara
  • Bhavprakash- Guducyadivarga
  • Vagbhata-Shyaamadi

§  Other Names of Danti :

  • Latin name – Baliospermummontanum
  • English name – Red physic nut, Wild castor, Wild croton
  • Hindi name– Danti, Hakum, Hakun
  • Bengali name– Danti, Hakun
  • Gujarati name – Dantimul, Jamalgota
  • Marathi name – Danti
  • Telugu name-Ettadungida, Kanakapata
  • Tamil name -Kattamaraku, Niradimutta
  • Malayalam name – Dantika, Katalavanakku, Nagadanti
  • Oriya name – Donti
  • Burma name – Natcho
  • Persian name – Bedanjirekhatai
  • Arabic name-Habbussalantinebarri
  • Sanskrit Names-

Danti ,Hastidanti-root resembles elephant tusk

Ubumbaraparni-leaves resembles to those of udumbara

Erandaphala-fruit resembles to cator fruit

Sheeghra-spread in body swiftly

Upachitra,Chitra-with mottled seeds

Ghunapriya-roots are usually infested by fungus

Vishashodhini-the roots induces purgation

Madhupushpa-flowers full of nector Shambar

Nikumbha,Pratyak shreni,Mukoolaka,Varahangi,Vishalya

  • General Information :

Danti grows inl humid climate. A perennial herb-like shrub about1 to 2 meters tall. Many stems grow from the base of the root. Leaf- Leaves with various shapes and sizes grow on the stem . those at the base are 15 to 30cm. hong, palm shaped with segmented margins and those in the upper part are 5 to 8 cm . long, oblong or lanceolate. Flower- Unisexual, greenish, growing in clusters. Fruit- 1 to 2.5 cm. long with three compartments and containing coloured seeds.  Red physic nut, wild castor, wild croton and wild sultan seeds are various common names of this herb. It is medicinal herb used in ayurvedic medicine for various diseases.

  • Types Of Plant’s

Bh. Pr. Ni.-1. Laghudanti( Baliospermummontanum )

  1. Brahatdanti( Crotontiglium)

Ra. Ni . –     1.Danti

  1. Bhandradanti

                   Ka. Dev. Ni –1. Danti

  1. Dravanti
  • Properties (Gunadharma)
    • Rasa- katu
    • Vipak-katu
    • Virya-usna
    • Guna-tiksna
  • Specific Parts


  • Doshaghnata

Kaphaghna, Vata-Pittakara

  • Shloka’s

दंतीद्वयं सरं पाके रसे च कटु दिपनम ।

गुंदाकुराश्मशुलार्श:कंडूकुष्ठविदाहनुत ।

तीक्ष्णोष्नं हन्ति पित्तास्त्रकफशोफोदरक्रिमीन ।।भ. प्र

दन्ती तीक्ष्णोष्णकटूका कफवातोदराज्जयेत् l

अर्शोव्रणाश्मरीशूलान्हन्ति दीपनशोधनी l l ध .नि

दंती द्रवन्तिका चोष्णा कटूपाकरसा लघु :l

विकाशिणी सरा तीक्ष्णा दिपनी पचनी हरेत् ll

कफपित्तोदरानाहशोफशूलगुदाsकुरान् l

विदाहकंडूकुष्ठास्त्रप्लीहागुल्माश्मरीकृमिन् l l कै नि

  • Benefits
  • External-
  • Paste of Dantimoola root is applied externally over the blunt injury and arthritis region to relieve pain and swelling.
  • External application of Danti seed oil is advisiable in Vata disoders -neurological disoders ,paralysis etc
  • Paste of danti seed is applied in eyes as a Kajal in case of snake bite

Anna and pureshvaha-


danti acts as virechana due to its prabava and its ashukari action and guru guna. It reaches hridaya through circulation due to its teekshna, ushna, sookshma, vyavayi and vikashi gunas and prabhava. It removes doshas accumulated in sookshma srotasas by its agneya nature and brings them to koshtha by its teekshna guna  and subsequently expels them in the form of virechana.


Virecanartha (For Purgation)

Sugarcane is cut into two halves, the inner surface is anointed with paste of Dantimula and then steam is given. If one eats this, he will be having easy purgation.

Kustha (Skin disease), Prameha (Diabetes) &Supti (Numbness)

Danti powder ,trivrutta powder (Operculinaturpethum) and Brahmi powder (Bacopamonniera) are mixed with honey and ghee, given for licking. It will be an excellent remedy for kustha (skin disease). Prameha (Diabetes) and Supti (Numbness).

Ulcers :

Danti oil used in ulcers.

Ulcers :

Remove skin of 20 Danti seeds. Mix the plup with  a pinch of salt. Apply for 2 days.

Piles :

dantiroot paste applied on the affected area.

Swelling :

Danti root ointmen locally applied on swelling.

Asthma :

Danti leaves decoction is beneficial in asthama. Dose -one cup for a week.

UdaraRoga (Ascitis)

Danti oil mixed with rock salt and Ajamoda (Apiumgraveolons) is taken internally in udararoga.

Roots of Danti is Raktashodhak means blood purifier hence paste of Danti root r seeds are used in oedema ad pain.

Danti herb possess anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory properties .Decoction of Danti root is given to treat Pittaja Jwara.

Danti leaves are very effective in patient with Jaundice

Leaves decoction of Danti is given in asthma and bronchitis as it pacifies the kapha dosha.

Root of Danti is used in Liver disoders.

 Other Uses-

Danti along with Chitraka,Vacha,Dravanti,Hing,Praval,Bida lavan and sauvarchal lavan is used in the preparation of Madhyam-Tikshna Kshara.

In case of skin diseases,where their is absence of sweating,iching and sensation,where their is taotal numbness,in that case brush made from stem of danti is rubbed.(Ref-Charak Chi-7/56)


  • Formulation (Kalp)

Dantyarishta, Dantyadichoorna, Dantihareetaki.

Punarnavadi Guggul-used in gout,sciatica,back pain

Bahushala Guda-Piles,fistula,ascites,anemia and liver disoders

Shiv Gutika-Liver and spleen disoders,respiratory conditions

  • Dosage

Moolachoorna – 1 to 3 gm.

Beeja – 125 to 250 mg.

Patraquatha – 40 to 80 l.

Danti Shodhana-

Danti root is wrapped with Pippali and Madhuka paste.This mass is wrapped in grass,tied and again coated with mud.Heat this mass ith fire and sunlight .By this method ,the toxicity of Danti is reduced.This method is mentioned in Charak Samhita

  • Chemical Composition.

The root contains resin and starch. The seed contains an oil which causes purgation. The root contains B sistesterol.

  • Research Corner
    • Alcohol and aqueous extracts from the roots of BaliospermummontanumMuell. Argwere investigated for their anthelmintic activity against Pheretimaposthuma and Ascardiagalli. Both the extracts exhibited significant anthemintic activity at highest concentration of 100 mg/ml. Piperazine citrate (10 mg/ml) was included as standard reference and distilled water as control. Mali RG,  Wadekar RR. In Vitro Anthelmintic Activity of BaliospermummontanumMuell.
  • Research Modern
    • Root extracts have shown five new phorbol extract derivatives exhibiting anticancer activity.
    • The ethanolic extract and its chloroform soluble and chloroform insoluble fractions of the roots of baliospermummontanum were investigated in albino rats to evaluate the analgesic activity. Results of  present study justify the folklore use of B. montanum as analgesic drug.
    • Aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermummontanum was evaluated on preliminary basis for immunomodulatory activity by studying neutrophil phagocytic function. From the results obtained it can be observed that the aqueous extract of Baliospermummontanum stimulate cell- medicated immune system by increasing neutrophil function.
    • Baliospermummontanum leaves yielded 3-hydroxy-2, 4-dimethoxy-10-methy1-9-acrudabibe


 Side Effects-

Over dose of Danti results in twiching pain,nausea and diarrhea

It is not given in pregnant women,lactating mothers and in childrens

It should be taken always under medical supervision.











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