Covid -19 Home Isolation

Covid-19 Home Isolation Care

History of Present Illness (HPI)

Fever : YesNo
Cough : YesNo
Sore Throat : YesNo
Body Pains : YesNo
Loose motion : YesNo
Difficulty in breathing : YesNo

Covid-19 Test / Investigation: YesNo

Covid-19 Isolation Ayurveda Treatment Package

How to reduce the risk of Getting COVID19 Infection? Enhancing the Immune System through Parijatak’s Ayurvedic Online Home Treatment in your Home Quarantine days. 

With the COVID-19 explosion, the entire world is fighting together against it. While vaccination is not yet accessible, the safest way to tackle this pandemic in your quarantine days is to maintain distance by taking precautions, building immunity, and strict adherence to government regulations.

Though social isolation in a separate room and have a separate washroom to use are some of the protection measures against the Coronavirus pandemic spread, good nutrition, and an Authentic Natural Treatments is also necessary to keep yourself immune at such times. 

Why do you need to improve the Immune system? 

The immune system is the organs, tissues, cells, and proteins. Together they are fighting off toxins, viruses, bacteria, and foreign bodies that lead to infection or illness. When a pathogen comes into contact with the immune system it activates an immune response. The immune system releases and destroys antibodies which bind to the pathogens to antigens.

In this difficult time, Parijatak Ayurveda is committed to providing Authentic Ayurveda Home Treatment to help people increase the immunity power of the body and hence reducing the risks of getting affected and also prevent spreading. 

If you are in your Quarantine Days and trying to combat the infection with coronavirus, here’s our Ayurveda Treatment Package to help improve your immune response.

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