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कोरोना काळजी

कोरोना काळजी घ्यावी घरी काय काय करावे

कोरोना काळजी मध्ये दररोज सकाळी 30 मीनीटे प्राणायाम करावा कमीत कमी प्राणायाग करताना इडा आणि पिंगला नाही म्हणजे डाव्या आणि उजव्या नाडीचा क्रमाक्रमाने उपयोग करावा .डाव्या नाडीने म्हणजे चन्द्र नाडीने श्वास घेतल्यास शरीरात शितलता वाढते व मनाची ताकत वाहून डोक शांत होऊन झोप शांत होण्यास …
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Ayurvedic Ways to Fight Corona Virus

Coronavirus outbreak has brought the whole world to a halt. This is the first time in human history that a virulent strain has affected almost every country on the planet and brought life to a standstill. Although, there are effective measures available in Ayurveda that …
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Understanding the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Understanding the Outbreak of Coronavirus The world is experiencing a medical threat off late due to a deadly virus Novel Coronavirus (nCov) that initiated its journey from Wuhan in China and has gradually invaded across global boundaries into many countries. It won’t be an incorrect …
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What Is Corona Virus? How to diagnosed Symptoms?

Throughout human history, there have been numerous instances of one or more virulent infections that have plagued the world. From the Middle Ages when the Great Plague affected an incredible number of population in Europe and Asia to the more recent outbreaks of Ebola and …
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